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Release No: 072-95
February 15, 1995



The Department of Defense announced today the results of the technical evaluation phase of the proposals submitted under the DoD Small Business Innovation Research Program (DoD-SBIR). Out of the 3,319 proposals received, 454 have been identified so far as offering the greatest potential in their field for meeting the research and development needs of DoD and will be subjected to further evaluation and negotiations leading to contract awards.

The proposals were selected from those received by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Special Operations Command. They were in response to the FY 94.2 Phase I Solicitation which was the second of two solicitations issued by the DoD in that fiscal year.

The purpose of the DoD-SBIR program is to stimulate small businesses to conduct high-quality innovative research and development to meet important defense-related scientific or engineering needs. The goals of the national program include increasing the use of small businesses in federal research and development.

Consisting of three phases, the SBIR program was enacted by Congress in July 1982 by Public Law 97-219, and re-enacted in October 1992 by Public Law 102-564. Under the statute, Phase I is intended to permit the determination of the scientific or technical merit and feasibility of a proposed research or development effort. Phase II awards will be made to firms based on the feasibility demonstrated in their first phase efforts and the quality of a Phase II proposal Under Phase III, it is expected that non-federal capital would be used by the small businesses to pursue private sector applications, or that federal non-SBIR funds might be used for DoD mission oriented contracts for products or processes.

The opening date for the FY 95. 3 DoD-SBIR solicitation will be May 1, 1995. An automatic mailing of the SBIR solicitation will be made to the firms listed on the DoD-SBIR mailing list as of March 10, 1995. Additional copies will be available after May 1, 1995 from:

Defense Technical Information Center


Alexandria, VA 22304-6145 Telephone: (800) 225-DTIC

Internet access to a listing of the selected proposals, as well as current DoD-SBIR solicitations, is provided by DTIC. These files may be accessed via "gopher" at the following internet address: gopher.dtic.dla.mil on port 70, or through file transfer at internet address: ASC.dtic.dla.mil (log in is "anonymous" and the password is your E-mail address), under the /pub/sbir directory. Note: For reporters' review only, a desk copy of the 454 proposals is available in the Media Division, Directorate for Defense Information, Room 2E765, the Pentagon.

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