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Release No: 701-03
September 25, 2003

U.S. Transportation Command Appointed as Defense Distribution Process Owner

     The Department of Defense announced today the appointment of the Commander, U.S. Transportation Command, as the Distribution Process Owner.  In this capacity, U.S. TransCom is tasked with developing efficient and effective distribution solutions to enhance strategic support to worldwide customers. 


     With this appointment, the DoD will now have one entity to revolutionize this system, working with the services and combatant commanders in synchronizing the distribution of personnel and equipment from factory to foxhole.  Designating a U.S. TransCom process owner to lead strategic distribution is another step in transformation and will ensure the best support for our combatant commanders and troops.


     The consolidation of authority under one process owner is aimed at realizing logistics efficiencies:


- Eliminate existing seams between current distribution processes and standardize the policies, vision and performance goals in DoD’s supply chain. 


- Drive interoperable information technology solutions and enhance total asset visibility to distribution customers. 


- Institutionalize sustainment planning into our contingency processes. 


- Streamlining distribution accountability under a single combatant commander (provide one single accountable person for the combatant commander to contact for their distribution needs).


     The Distribution Process Owner will work with the services and combatant commanders, using the best transformational concepts and ideas available, and subsequently drive revolutionary changes. 


     For more information, contact Navy Capt. Stephen Honda, U.S. TransCom Public Affairs, at (618) 229-4828.

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