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Release No: 776-03
October 23, 2003

DoD Presents Fubini Award

            Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfowitz presented today the Eugene G. Fubini Award for 2003 to retired Air Force Gen. Larry D. Welch, former Air Force Chief of Staff and current president of the Institute for Defense Analyses.  The Fubini Award was established in 1996 by then-Secretary of Defense William Perry to recognize annually an individual from the private sector who has made highly significant contributions to the Department of Defense in an advisory capacity over a sustained period of time.  The award is named after the late Eugene G. Fubini, a long-time advisor to DoD and the first recipient of the award.


            For more than 45 years, Welch has provided advice regarding a remarkably broad range of activities – including modernization plans, organizational reforms, force enhancements, strategic road maps, operational plans, future of U.S. nuclear weapons, ballistic missile defense, weapons of mass destruction threats, and other critical national security issues.  His counsel reflects unique combination of vision, leadership, operational experience, and technical expertise.


            Welch began his public service in 1953 when he joined Air Force as an aviation cadet.  His military career culminated in 1986, when he was appointed the Chief of Staff of the Air Force by the President, a position he held until 1990.  In 1991, after retiring from the Air Force, he assumed his current position as president of the Institute for Defense Analyses.


            He has served on numerous federal advisory committees, including the Defense Science Board (1993-present); the Threat Reduction Advisory Committee (Chairman); the Defense Intelligence Agency Advisory Board; the U.S. Strategic Command Strategic Advisory Group; the National Nuclear Security Administration Advisory Committee; the U.S. Space Command Independent Strategic Advisory Group; the Joint Advisory Committee on Nuclear Weapons Surety.  He also served on the National Missile Defense Independent Review Team; the Ballistic Missile Defense White Team; the Comanche Independent Review Panel; and the Independent Assessment Panels on Strategic Command, Intelligence, and Special Operations. 


            Praised for his unbiased opinions, Welch has employed common sense approach to tackling complex security issues.  He is a trusted advisor to the Department of Defense, offering solutions to critical national security issues.


            Information on the award can be found at http://www.acq.osd.mil/dsb/eugenfubiniaward.htm. [link no longer available]

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