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Release No: 433-95
August 08, 1995

Military Strength Figures For June 30, 1995

Summarized By The Department of Defense

Total numerical strength of the Armed Forces on June 30, 1995, based onpreliminary reports, was 1,547,285. This is a decrease of 7,017 from May31,1995 and a decrease of 94,323 from the same time in 1994.

These figures represent full-time military personnel comprising both regularand reserves on active duty and officer candidates, including cadets at thethree military academies.

Excluded from these figures are approximately 65,000 full-time militarypersonnel who are paid from other than active duty military personnelappropriations. This group is funded from appropriations for reservecomponents and Corps of Engineer civil functions. A comparable figure forFiscal Year 1994 was approximately 68,500.

June 1995 strength figures for each service with month-ago and year-agofigures for comparison are:

Change from

6/30/95 5/31/95 Previous Month

(Preliminary) (Actual) Actual Percent06/30/94

Total DOD 1,547,285 1,554,302 -7,017 -0.45% 1,641,608

Army 524,897 527,520 -2,623 -0.50% 557,546

Navy 441,785 445,902 -4,117 -0.92% 477,245

Marine Corps 171,946 171,753 193 0.11% 173,726

Air Force 408,657 409,127 -470 -0.11% 433,091

Please note the active duty personnel strength data provided does not includeSelected Reserve strength ordered to active duty by the President under Title10, United States Code 673(b).

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