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Release No: 453-95
August 16, 1995


The Department of Defense, working with Feed the Children and Americans forRomanian Assistance has announced plans to move more than 53,000 pounds ofmedical supplies and equipment, a vehicle, bulk food, infant cribs and clothingto help the people of Romania. The supplies will be surface-shipped fromstorage locations in Oklahoma City, Okla. and Englewood, Colo. to the Romaniancapital of Bucharest within the next six weeks.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Humanitarian and Refugee Affairs(HRA) Patricia L. Irvin said the Department, in cooperation with othergovernment agencies and within the limits of its resources, understands andstrives to fulfill its responsibility to help alleviate suffering throughoutthe world. She said the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) is often themost economical means available to local charitable organizations to transportdonated goods to foreign countries for humanitarian purposes.

Under the 1986 DOD Authorization Act, HRA is authorized to transport non-lethalexcess property, relief supplies and privately donated cargo to meethumanitarian needs worldwide. In fiscal year 1994, HAP completed 72humanitarian shipments to more than 39 countries with an estimated acquisitionvalue of $66.5 million.

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