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Release No: 470-95
August 25, 1995


Secretary of Defense William J. Perry today released his response to Congresson the report of the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces. Inthis response, Secretary Perry noted "the Commission has performed asignificant service to the Nation" and that "its recommendations ... willassist the Department of Defense in meeting many of the challenges of the early21st century."

Secretary Perry emphasized that he evaluated the Commission report in terms ofhow the recommendations help him deal with the main challenges facing theDepartment of Defense: maintaining readiness, enhancing joint militarycapabilities, sustaining needed forces, and ensuring U.S. forces are equippedwith modern, capable weapons. Many of the Commission's recommendations helpedto resolve these challenges and Secretary Perry directed they be implementedimmediately. This was especially true of the Commission's centralrecommendation to improve further the effectiveness of unified militaryoperations by improving joint training and joint doctrine. It was true also forthe recommendation to create an integrated C4I architecture.

In several cases, Secretary Perry noted that while the Commission'srecommendations support his goals for the Department, more detailed review isneeded to develop plans for implementation. This applies primarily to theCommission's outsourcing initiatives. And as a result, over the coming monthsthe Department will develop detailed plans for outsourcing depot maintenanceand material supply management activities. It also will investigate outsourcingopportunities for medical care, family housing, finance and accounting, datacenter operations, education and training, and base management andinfrastructure.

In most remaining areas, Secretary Perry felt additional study is neededbefore an informed decision can be made. He has asked for detailed reviews ondeep attack forces, Reserve Component forces, the Unified Command Plan,operational support aircraft, and restructuring the Military Department staffs.Results of these studies will be provided to Secretary Perry over the comingmonths.

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