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Release No: 649-95
December 11, 1995


President Clinton signed the executive order today authorizing the call-up ofselected members of the National Guard and Reserves in support of OperationJoint Endeavor under the Presidential Selected Reserve Call-up Authority (10U.S.C. 12304). The order provides the Secretary of Defense the authority tocall to active duty those selected reserve units previously notified forpossible participation in the NATO Implementation Forces (IFOR), as well asthose individuals and volunteers needed in support of this operation.

Acting on this authority, Secretary of Defense William J. Perry delegated tothe military departments the authority to order to active duty Selected Reserveunits not assigned for a period of up to 270 days. The Secretary alsospecified the numbers each of the services may call from the reserve componentsto meet their respective needs.

Those numbers -- totaling 3800 -- include 3,388 National Guard and Reservemembers for the Army, 171 reservists for the Navy with 100 more for the MarineCorps, and 141 Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve members to support theAir Force.

Orders could come as early as the first part of next week. Meanwhile unitspreviously notified for possible activation will continue in-garrison trainingand take care of personal matters in preparation for call-up.

The process of qualifying previously identified units for deploymentcontinues.

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