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Release No: 046-04
January 23, 2004

Defense Department Announces 2005 Budget Request

     The Defense Department today announced the president's request for a fiscal 2005 defense budget of $401.7 billion in discretionary funding authority.  This represents a seven percent increase over fiscal 2004 funding levels, after taking into account congressionally-directed recissions.


     In order to meet U.S. national security priorities, the fiscal 2005 budget request reflects the president’s continued commitment to prosecute the War on Terror and balances support for long-term transformation of technology and defense capabilities with resources for current global operations and requirements. 


     Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said the budget highlights the president's priority to provide the pay, benefits and other quality-of-life measures needed to recruit and retain the highest quality volunteers for service in the active and reserve forces. 


     “The president three years ago directed that we consider how best to transform this department to ensure our nation has the capabilities and people needed for the national security circumstances of the 21st century.  We have made significant progress,” Rumsfeld said.  “This budget builds upon past work to provide for a ready force made up of the talents and skills needed in our new national security environment.  The men and women in uniform are demonstrating the joint and combined warfighting capabilities our nation will need to prevail in the Global War on Terror.”


     The fiscal 2005 defense budget provides for investment in improved and better-integrated intelligence capabilities and emphasizes readiness and training.  This budget also supports continued transformation of the joint force and provides for homeland defense needs.  The budget reflects the tools previously provided by Congress for better managing the force, including the first steps toward implementation of the National Security Personnel System reforms signed into law by the president in 2003. 


     Detailed information about the fiscal 2005 DoD budget will be made available at a DoD Press Briefing scheduled for Feb. 2, 2004.

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