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Release No: 665-95
December 18, 1995


Secretary of Defense William J. Perry and Director of Central Intelligence JohnM. Deutch have signed a charter establishing the Joint Space ManagementBoard.

The JSMB, a board of directors for defense and intelligence space programs, isbeing formed to ensure that defense and intelligence needs for space systems(including associated ground-based subsytems) are satisfied within availableresources, using integrated architectures to the maximum extent possible. TheJSMB will also provide executive management for defense and intelligence spaceprograms and oversight of the single National Security Space Architect. TheJSMB will integrate policy, requirements, architectures, acquisition, andfunding for defense and intelligence space programs.

The JSMB will be co-chaired by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisitionand Technology and the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. The ExecutiveCommittee of the JSMB, vested with the full authority to act for the Secretaryof Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence, within the bounds of thecharter, will include the co-chairs, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs ofStaff and the Executive Director, Intelligence Community Affairs.

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