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Release No: 071-96
February 13, 1996


Secretary of Defense William Perry today announced Reserve component force structure reductions and unit inactivations by the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force in Fiscal Year 1996. Consistent with Congressional intent, the Reserve component force structure will be reduced by 1.6 percent, or 15,963 positions, by the end of the fiscal year.

FY 1996 is the third year of a five-year force restructuring strategy in response to the changing defense requirements of the post-Cold War world. This strategy continues to strive to protect personnel readiness while our forces rightsize to achieve the FY 1999 target structure. "Readiness remains my top concern," Perry said. "In the future, we will have a smaller force structure, but it will be one that is highly ready and well equipped."

"If we continue to stand firm on maintaining a quality force, with quality people, it crystallizes and confirms all of the decisions we have made thus far," Perry said. For the personnel who are remaining in the Reserve forces, these reductions will free up resources for important items, such as: maintaining appropriate pay and benefits; employer and family support; and initial-entry and duty training. For those whose units are being inactivated, there will be opportunities to move into positions in other units wherever possible. For those who are leaving the force due to the restructuring, the Reserve transition program will continue to be used to treat reservists fairly and with respect for their service.

"As the United States moves into the next century, being militarily ready will mean being prepared to conduct a broad range of missions, including new ones, without spreading the force too thin," Perry said. "It is vital to the United States that its Total Force retain its present ability to function successfully in a wide range of operational environments. The forces being restructured now will provide the capabilities needed to make that happen."


The FY 1996 Reserve Component Reduction Plan includes the following:

Media may obtain more unit specific and other additional information by contacting:

For the Army: (703) 697-7589 For the Navy: (703) 695-5588

For the Air Force: (703) 695-0640 For the Marine Corps: (703) 614-1492/4309

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