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Release No: 196-96
April 09, 1996


The Air Force Accident Investigation Board, headed up by Brig. Gen. Charles H.Coolidge, commander 22nd Air Refueling Wing, McConnell AFB, Kan., is makingprogress in their investigation of the recent T-43 accident in Dubrovnik,Croatia.

Board members have nearly completed locating and documenting site wreckageand identifying aircraft flight control main components. The investigationwill include systems analysis, interviews and technical lab testing to providea thorough, balanced and impartial report. Included in the specificinvestigation activities is testing of the Dubrovnik airport landing navigationsystems. FAA flight officials found the landing beacon signal to befunctioning properly during the tests.

There are more than thirty-five technical advisors and support team memberstaking part in the investigation. They include FAA and NTSB officials,representatives from Boeing and Pratt-Whitney and Air Force experts in flightsafety, flight operations, maintenance, a flight surgeon, legal advisors andpublic affairs.

Cooperation from Croatian aviation and police officials has assisted theinvestigation process in facilitating interviews, providing information andallowing full access to facilities and personnel. The investigation inDubrovnik will continue until the board president is convinced a thoroughanalysis of the accident site is complete. Members will then move to RamsteinAB, Germany, for continued evidence collection, analysis and interviews, beforepreparing the report.

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