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Education & Training
General / Mixed Topics
Information Assurance Education, Training and Awareness from the Information Assurance Support Environment (IASE)
Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure from the Information Assurance Mission at NSA [PDF]
Social Networking Technical & Behavioral Best Practices [PDF]
Operations Security (OPSEC)
Your Safety and Security Online – A “One-Pager” of Safety Tips [Slides]
OPSEC Snapshot: The threat is real [Slides]
Specific Social Media Guides
- Getting Started With Blogging a guide for creating Official Pages [Slides]
- Admin Roles[Facebook guidance]
The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide [Four-Part Series with snapshot examples dated 2011/01/03]
- Facebook Farmville Security Compromise - Includes a "Facebook App Hall of Shame" [Blog, 2011/03/30]
- Facebook Privacy Settings Updated for HTTPS [Slides, 2011/09]
- Friend Finder Earn your spot by showing you're savvy when it comes to making friends online. [Game]
- Page Post Scheduling[Facebook guidance]
- Promote Your Page Posts [Facebook guidance]
- Twitter in Plain English [Video, 2008/03]
- How To Tweet [Slides]
- Getting Started With YouTube, a Guide for Creating Official Pages [Slides]
- Customizing Your YouTube Channel, Customizing Your YouTube Channel [Slides]
- US Army E-Learning Program [Once you are registered/logged in, type "Social Media" in the search bar and then click on the "Courses" link. This link will take you to over 21 FREE courses on a variety of topics.]
Air Force:
- Navigating the Social Network The Air Force Guide to Effective Social Media Use [PDF, June 2013]
Exploitation of Irrational Trust:
- The Robin Sage Experiment [Blog, 2010/09/06]
Hatch Act:
Identity Theft:
- Fighting Back Against Identity Theft [Consumer information website with video and PDF downloads.]
Phishing Awareness:
- Phishing Scams Will you take the bait or live to swim another day? [Game]
- Malware Overview [Consumer awareness website]
- Beware of Spyware [Interactive Game]
Records Management
Toolkit for Managing Electronic Records [Website with links resources]
Records Management Training [National Archives and Records Administration Training Program portal]
Social Media Records Management Training [NARA PPT on MAX Portal - requires MAX account]
Are these Records? Discussion on agencies' recordkeeping responsibilities when using web 2.0 and social media tools. [Blog, 2010/11/02]

* Computer-based Training