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EEO Staff Encourages Black Students to Consider DoD Job U.S. Navy OfficerOpportunities
JACKSON, Miss. — Inside a small college gym, military officers dressed in neat, crisp uniforms with shiny medals and colorful ribbons extolled the benefits of military service. Saleem Baird, 21, a computer science and economics major at Tougaloo College here, wasn't buying into the message.
Is It Black History Month or African-American History Month?
WASHINGTON — Some people call February Black History Month. Others call it African-American History Month.
That's not a problem, because the names are interchangeable, according to Barbara Dunn of the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History in Silver Spring, Md.
Stamp Lionizes Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court Justice, Civil Rights Lawyer
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service is selling a stamp that lionizes an African American who is credited with ending legal segregation in the United States and who fought for minority equality in the armed forces. more camera
Cleckley: Need Special Time to Celebrate Who We AreCleckley: Need Special Time to Celebrate Who We Are
ARLINGTON, Va., — February is African-American History Month, but the tributes and testimonies actually begin about two weeks earlier, around Jan. 15, the birthday of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Police Chief Moose Speaks atPolice Chief Moose Speaks at DoD's Annual King Breakfast DoD's Annual King Breakfast
WASHINGTON — Charles A. Moose told the audience at DoD's 18th annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast in the Pentagon that he probably wouldn't be the police chief of Montgomery County, Md., if not for King's work and sacrifices. more

Sixth Grader Follows Sister's Sixth Grader Follows Sister's Footsteps, Wins MLK Essay Contest Footsteps, Wins MLK Essay Contest
WASHINGTON — A year ago, Ronada D. Hewitt, 11, listened to her sister Samantha read her award- winning essay during DoD's Martin Luther King Jr. Pentagon breakfast. This year, Ronada stood at the podium reading her own award-winning essay. more
DoD, Nation, More Than 100 Countries Celebrate Martin Luther King Holiday
WASHINGTON — The nation will observe the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Jan. 20, 2003, but the Pentagon is getting an early start with a King breakfast on Jan. 16.

Army Guard Promotes 1stArmy Guard Promotes 1st Black Woman to Flag Rank Black Woman to Flag Rank
ARLINGTON, Va., — Brig. Gen. Julia Jeter Cleckley vowed to make it possible for others to follow in her footsteps after becoming the first African- American woman to be promoted from full colonel to flag officer in the Army National Guard on Sept. 3. more 

Pioneering Tuskegee Airman Pioneering Tuskegee Airman Laid to Rest in ArlingtonLaid to Rest in Arlington
WASHINGTON — Friends, family, military and retired military members gathered today to pay tribute and to lay to rest an Air Force pioneer.
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One Moment in Time
One Moment in TimeWASHINGTON — I remember our meeting nearly 20 years ago as if it were yesterday. The then — retired three-star had insisted that we meet at my office, despite my deference and offer that we meet at a place convenient to him. But my location was fine for him — next door to where he regularly shopped at the commissary at then — Cameron Station, Alexandria, Va. more

Navy Ships Named in Honor of African Americans
WASHINGTON — It took more than 168 years after the Continental Congress authorized the first ship of a new Navy for the United Colonies on Oct. 13, 1775, before a ship was named for an African American.

Fort Mose: A Diversified Fort Mose: A Diversified PastPast
WASHINGTON — The fabric of Col. Horace Tucker's uniform is much different from that worn by his Florida National Guard predecessor more than 260 years ago. But there is a common thread that binds him to the soldiers of the past, and particularly to one who served at an old Florida post, Fort Mose (pronounced mo-zay). more camera

 Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday is celebrated in Pentagon breakfast ceremony Radio Address: President Discusses Black History Month
 Air Force General Benjamin O. Davis is laid to rest
 Air Force General Benjamin O. Davis is laid to rest Radio Address: President Discusses Black History Month
Pentagon pays tribute to African-American History Month
Pentagon pays tribute to African-American History Month Radio Address: President Discusses Black History Month