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drop capelcome to the Department of Defense Web site for the observance of the 50th Anniversary of NATO. In conjunction with NATO's Washington Summit April 23 - 25, the American Forces Information Service is providing coverage of the summit, as well as background materials on this long-standing and successful international defense partnership. Included on the site are DoD photos, NATO milestones, key documents in NATO's history, and links to other sites of interest. Also featured is a summary of NATO's most current operations in Kosovo, as well as a link to the "Operation Allied Force" Web site. Questions concerning this site can be addressed to Paul Stone,

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NATO Milestones

NATO Pictorial

DoD News Articles

NATO Summit Calls for Military Know-How
(Posted April 1999)

As the World Turns: When NATO Was Born in 1949
(Posted April 1999)


pictorial essay (download 576KB file)

Allies Unite for Common Defense
(Posted Oct 1998)

"Mr. NATO" Explains Enlargement
(Posted April 1998)

DoD News Release

NATO Summit Demonstrates PFP Simulation Network
(Posted April 1999)

dingbat Key Documents in NATO History

Study on NATO Enlargement

The Berlin Communique of 1996

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50th Anniversary from NATO

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After visiting this site please come again. We will be frequently updating this site with new material.

This site is not intended to be a comprehensive presentation of NATO history. The material contained herein is provided for DoD members to explore some of the history and contributions Americans provided in support of democracy and world peace. We welcome any recommendations that will further enhance our awareness and further an understanding of our country's history as it applies to NATO.