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A week when millions of our American population wear a red ribbon to show that our young people and our adults are united for a drug-free society.

The Story Behind Red Ribbon Week

What Can We Do?

Wear a red ribbon during this week of celebration to show your support.

Provide red ribbons to friends, family members, co-workers, and other concerned adults in your community.

Hold a forum for parents and their children in your school about the effects of drugs and encourage parents and children to talk abut their concerns and thoughts.

Make calls into morning radio shows and tell others about Red Ribbon Week and how important it is for adults to be vocal about drugs. Remember that it's not about you-it's about young people and their involvement with illegal substances.

Partner with local video stores and place red ribbons on the boxes of movies that realistically portray the impact alcohol and other drug use can have on your life.

Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper and urge them to present balanced information when it comes to drug use.

Ask clergy and members of your religious community to talk about the importance of leading by example during their sermons and services.

Get involved in positive activities with young people during Red Ribbon Week.

Volunteer at Red Ribbon events at local schools.

Encourage your workplace to adopt a school or a classroom.

Host lunchtime prevention seminars at your workplace or at community centers.

Place prevention materials in schools or community centers.

Provide T-shirts/hats for students who participate in Red Ribbon activities. red ribbon icon

Red Ribbon Resources

Source: Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse


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