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U.S. Air Force News on Drugs

Air Force Strives to Raise Drug Abuse Awareness

The Air Force has announced nine initiatives designed to promote awareness of drug abuse and educate people on the problem. The initiatives are the result of the Air Force Inspector General's concerns about what appeared to be rising drug abuse trends in the Air Force — especially in the area of new "club drugs."
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Buyer Beware: Steroids, Hemp Seed Products Off-Limits to Air Force Members

Exercising and following good eating habits can lead to a long and healthy life, but taking health products with hemp seeds or using steroids can lead to a short Air Force career. There is a booming market of commercial weight and diet programs, high carbohydrate or protein diets, multilevel marketing plans and health club advertisements that cater to the health fitness market. Air Force members are among the many working to stay in shape in this fast-paced world.
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Air Force Sends Message to Drug Abusers

Likened to constantly moving targets, illegal drugs go from base to base, area to area. But the Air Force has a message for those using or inclined to abuse drugs: "You can run, but you can't hide." "Our ultimate goal is not to get just the user, but the individual who is supplying the drugs," said Stephen Minger, an Air Force Office of Special Investigations supervisory special agent at Andrews Air Force Base, Md.
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