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U.S. Marine Corps News on Drugs

Kids Defy Gravity in Ropes Course

"D.E.F.Y.! D.E.F.Y.! D-E-F-Y!" Defy alcohol! Defy drugs! D.E.F.Y.!" "I can't hear you!" "I'm D.E.F.Y. proud!" That was the chant heard at the beginning and end of Drug Education For Youth's trip to the Ropes Course at Ewa Beach, Friday morning.
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Dangerous Drugs Defined

Editor's note: With the rise in drug use among service members, take time to learn affects of designer drugs.
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MCLB Marines Help Youth Avoid Drugs

A 10-year-old boy is walking home from school when he sees a group of older children. They are standing in a circle smoking. The boys befriend the youngster and ask him if he would like to try a smoke. They also tell him that if he joins their gang they will treat him like family and look out for him.
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KMPs Learn To 'Sniff Out' Illegal Drugs

In its "war against drugs," the MCB Hawaii Military Police Department uses dogs trained to locate hidden contraband. Until recently, an individual Marine without one of the drug-sniffing dogs had difficulty searching a suspected drug user's car or home though because of a lack of probable cause.
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Designer Drugs - Proven Danger

In years past, the Corps has lost Marines during war, conflicts and tragedies. However, in the 21st century, the Corps is losing Marines to drugs.
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DeLalio Students Learn To 'Just Say No To Drugs'

Forty-six fifth-grade students from DeLalio Elementary School graduated from the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program May 9 in the school's cafeteria.
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Ecstasy — Are You Willing To Trade Your Brain For It?

X, Ecstasy, XTC, the love drug — all names for the same drug, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency's Web site at: www.usdoj.gov/dea, it is the most commonly used by America's youth and lately, United States servicemembers.
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Reserve Marines Train Base MPs

Marine Corps reservists brought their civilian knowledge of crime fighting and passed it on to Hawaii's military and state police departments during a 16-hour seminar that included lectures and practical applications at the MCB Hawaii Military Police Department on Jan. 17-18.
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Hawaii Marines Take Drug Awareness Message To Big Island School

Students at Waiakea High School here had an eventful morning Friday when a United States Marine Corps CH-53D Sea Stallion helicopter landed on the school's field carrying a load of Marines and Sailors from MCB Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay.
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Miramar Marine, Partner Find Drugs at Texas Border Crossing

Miramar's Provost Marshals Office supported the war on drugs through the diligent effort of one Marine and his dog. They recently completed a temporary duty assignment to support the Customs Service agency along the United States border.
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When Expanding the Mind Becomes Illegal

He was only known as 'C.J.' to his friends. With short, shaggy-blonde hair atop a scrawny 120-pound frame, he had the reputation of being quite the party animal when it came to knowing when, and where, the jumpin' party scene was.
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