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U.S. Navy News on Drugs

The Hug Drug

Hey man, welcome back. What's my name? Man, I thought you knew me by now. Just call me X, E, XTC, Adam, Doves - whatever you're most comfortable with. What's that? No, I don't think you're an addict. That is, unless we are talking about your lust for fun. What took you so long this time? Oh, money problems. I understand, it takes so much more of me to get to this level now, huh?
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Ecstasy: A Real Killer

Ecstasy will not only kill your Navy career, but it can also kill you. For this reason, the Navy has targeted the drug ecstasy, also known as MDMA, as a hazard to readiness and force protection.
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Ecstasy is Not For You

Myth: Sailors who use ecstasy believe Navy drug screening labs don't test for ecstasy. Fact: labs test every urine sample for it. This is one of the many things Sailors learn about the "rave" drug, ecstasy, whenever they attend anti-drug training. The drug is so prevalent in society that many naval ships and stations have training specially tailored to ecstasy awareness.
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Navy Targets Ecstasy Abuse

In the war on drugs, the Navy has a powerful new enemy: the synthetic "club drug" known as ecstasy. Its increasing abuse among Sailors over the last few years is cause for concern.
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Navy Assists Coast Guard, U.S. Customs With Record Maritime Cocaine Seizure

The U.S. Attorney's office in San Diego announced details about the largest cocaine bust in maritime history during a May 14 news conference.
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Don't Let Ecstasy Be Your Agony

In the Navy, a lack of situational awareness can be deadly. Some over-the-counter medicines (cough medicines, painkillers) can decrease the edge military personnel need to tread the line between life and death.
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DEFY Volunteers Investing in Future at Reno Conference

More than 115 Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force personnel recently gathered at Reno, Nev., to achieve a common goal — making strong kids for strong families, for a ready fleet.
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Myths/Conceptions: Setting the Record Straight on Drugs in the Navy

Zero tolerance...two words that sum up the Navy's policy on drugs. And although the Navy was recently singled out as the only military service with a significant decline in drug abuse since 1995, being proactive remains a necessary practice.
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Sigonella Military Working Dog Assists Local Carabinieri in Drug Seizure

Canine Handler MA1 Stefan Thimmes and silent partner Rico recently assisted local Carabinieri (Italian police) in the seizure of 100 grams of cocaine with a street value of roughly $10,000. The team also located a cash sum of $1,500 stashed away in the suspect's Catania residence. That's all in a day's work for two members of the largest Military Working Dog (MWD) kennel in the Navy.
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USNS Persistent Makes First Drug Bust

A high-speed boat chase off the coast of Cuba earlier this month ended with the U.S. Coast Guard opening fire on a suspected drug runner's boat and the first narcotics seizure for Military Sealift Command (MSC) ocean surveillance ship USNS Persistent (T-AGOS 6). Persistent, operating as a platform for a U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement detachment, was on joint drug interdiction patrols with three U.S. Coast Guard patrol vessels in the Caribbean.
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Warning and a Cause for Concern: Ecstasy

There is an alarming increase in ecstasy abuse in America and a slight increase in the Navy. Ecstasy is an illegal drug that is harmful and detectable by Navy drug screening labs. It is an amphetamine based drug with hallucinogenic properties.
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