National Hispanic American Heritage Month

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11 October 2002
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National Hispanic American Heritage Month 2002

DoD Holds First Observance of Hispanic Heritage Month Outside Pentagon

White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans
"Yes I Can," a new program that encourages more Latino students to go to college.

President's Remarks during Hispanic Heritage Month Event
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Thank you very much. Please be seated. Bienvenidos. Here's the way I like to put it: mi casa blanca es su casa blanca.

Hispanic Americans in Military History
Hispanic-American ethnic groups, made up mostly of Puerto Ricans and others with ancestry from Mexico, Central and South America, Cuba and other Caribbean islands, already had distinguished themselves through combat skills and bravery during World War II.

The Contributions of Hispanic Servicewomen
When the military first began accepting women into its ranks in the early 20th century, only small numbers of Hispanic women joined the services. Traditional Hispanic cultural values discouraged women from traveling any distance from or working outside the home. These prohibitions began to change during World War II, when the nation needed the contributions of all of its citizens.

NASA: Hispanic Astronauts / Astronautas Hispanos

Hispanic Heritage Month Word Search!
Celebrate your Hispanic heritage by doing this word search. Have fun!

Myers: Terrorists Not Interested in the Diversity That Makes U.S. Great

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert Hosts Congressional Reception Honoring New Commission Hours after being sworn-in by White House Counsel to the President Judge Alberto Gonzalez, the members of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic
Americans were honored with a congressional reception hosted on Capitol Hill.

Congressional Hispanics Caucus
Welcome to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) website. I trust you will find this a rich stop as you cruise the information super highway.

Medal of HonorHispanic American Medal of Honor Recipients
Thirty-nine Hispanic Americans are among the more than 3,400 Medal of Honor recipients to be awarded this decoration from the President, in the name of Congress, since its creation in 1861.

Hispanic American Countries
Take a short visit to some Hispanic American Countries to learn more about their cuisine, lifestyles and culture. Enjoy!

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