National Hispanic American Heritage Month 2002
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National Hispanic American Heritage Month 2002

Hispanic Students Briefed on Military, DoD Civilian Workplace Opportunities
By Rudi Williams
American Forces Press Service

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Nearly 100 students from 11 colleges and universities and five high schools were given a special treat here Oct. 9 during DoD's observance of Hispanic American Heritage Month, including briefings on opportunities at service academies,
in the services and in DoD's civilian work force.

Most of the young adults were decked out in their sharply pressed ROTC uniforms. They were feted to a Hispanic American lunch cuisine and escorted to a roomful of displays erected by the services, military academies and DoD agencies.

"One of the goals of DoD is to increase the representation of Hispanics. We wanted to start at the early ages, letting high school and college-aged students know about opportunities in DoD," said Jimmy Love of DoD's Equal Employment Opportunity Office. "We wanted to focus their attention on opportunities at each of the military academies and on Army, Air Force and other services and the civilian intern programs — programs where, if they're college graduates, they can get a foot in the door in the DoD civilian arena.

He noted some students attended with their counselors and called that good. "In many cases, it's the counselors who need to get this kind of information to the young folks so they take advantage of some of the opportunities," he said.

"We'll probably do more of this in the future to continue spreading the word. We anticipated there would be about 75 students, but we set the room up for 90," Love said. "To our surprise, we had well over 90, because there was standing room only."

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