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Selecting 'Best Person' Key to Pentagon Renovation Successes

One of the keys to the success of the Pentagon Renovation Program is putting the best person in the job, program manager Michael Sullivan said at the Federal Buildings Expo here today.

Sullivan began his presentation at the Washington Convention Center with an overview of his organization, noting that about 80 percent of his core staff is contractors.
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DoD to Announce Finalists in Pentagon Memorial Competition

Defense officials plan to announce six finalists in the Pentagon Memorial competition at a Pentagon press
conference Oct. 17, Army Corps of Engineers officials said, recently.

The competition jury reviewed 1,126 entries that met competition rules. The jury narrowed the search to six concepts that will be further developed by their originators.
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Phoenix Project Workers

Pentagon Phoenix Project Workers Are Heroes, Wolfowitz Says

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz today praised construction workers and others who helped to make the Pentagon whole again one year after Flight 77 slammed into the building's western wall.

Speaking for the department at the Phoenix Project worker appreciation ceremony today, Wolfowitz conveyed the
secretary's thanks to the workers for a job well done. He also received an award on Rumsfeld's behalf from the
National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation.

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Pentagon People Discuss 9-11 one year afterReflections on Sept. 11, A Day of Terror

Sept. 11,2001, was a helluva welcome to the Pentagon, Army Spc. John W. Hoffman, 26, recalls today.

It was his second day on his new job, he said, when he and two civilian co-workers were knocked to the floor by a huge explosion. An airliner had slammed into the building about 100 feet from their new office.

Pieces of the ceiling fell on them as they struggled to compose themselves and find a way out of the devastated area.
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Pentagon People Discuss 9-11 one year after

One Year After: Pentagon People, Others, Discuss 9-11

When a hijacked airliner destroyed 184 innocent lives here a year ago today, life
at the Pentagon became horribly surreal for victims' families and the building's military and civilian employees.

The old, battered western facade, scarred by licking flames and searing smoke, was demolished. Today, the Pentagon has a brand-new, bright limestone wall. Gone, too, are the confused cries, screaming sirens -- and death.
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Greatest Tasks Face U.S. Military, Bush Says

President Bush said that "the greatest tasks and the greatest dangers will fall to the armed forces of the United States" as the country continues its war on the terrorists who struck America Sept. 11, 2001.
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Rumsfeld, Myers Remember the Slain, Gird for Future

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld echoed Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address when he told those attending the Pentagon observance of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack "that we meet on a battlefield" of the war on terrorism.
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Sheila Moody's Story

Sheila Moody doesn't mind wearing purple pressure gloves to smooth the burn scars on her hands. She just has to think of her former office mate Louise Kurtz, who lost her fingers and her ears, or the 184 people who lost their lives.
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Photo-Ironworker Feels 'Privileged' to Help Rebuild Pentagon
Pentagon 9-11 Ceremony Will Send Variety of Messages

When the eyes of the world turn to the Pentagon Sept. 11, they will see a reconstructed Pentagon with a work force mourning its dead, but united in pushing forward to win the war on terrorism, said Richard McGraw, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's point man for the Sept. 11 anniversary.
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Pentagon Kiosk Showcases Video E-mail Sent to Deployed Service Members

A computer maker today unveiled a special kiosk at the Pentagon that features hundreds of video e-mail messages sent to service members deployed worldwide in the war against global terrorism.
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Photo-Ironworker Feels 'Privileged' to Help Rebuild Pentagon

Workers Ready Site for Sept. 11 Ceremony

A field of bleachers is growing alongside the Pentagon as workers assemble seating for 12,000 in advance of a Sept. 11 ceremony.
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Photo-Ironworker Feels 'Privileged' to Help Rebuild Pentagon
A Brother's Commitment

When people visit the planned Pentagon Memorial, Jim Laychak wants them to experience the same range of emotions he's felt in the year since Sept. 11 -- grief and sorrow, followed by comfort and hope.
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Photo-Ironworker Feels 'Privileged' to Help Rebuild Pentagon

Helping Children Cope With Sept. 11 Anniversary

Many adults will have a tough time coping with the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. But children and adolescents were also affected. What should parents do to help their kids get through this period?
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'Can Do' Attitude Turns 'Years to Finish' Pentagon Repairs to 'Finished Years Early'

Less than a month after a terrorist- hijacked airliner slammed into the Pentagon last year, the building's chief renovation official estimated that repairs to the stricken building could take years to accomplish.
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Ironworker Feels 'Privileged' to Help Rebuild Pentagon

When terrorists struck the Pentagon Sept. 11 last year, they didn't know they'd be contending with John S. Bremerman and countless stalwart Americans just like him.
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Military Police Safeguard the Pentagon

The mission began with fire and smoke, chaos and confusion. For the first time in history, terrorists had attacked the Pentagon. In the immediate aftermath, defense officials called on the Army's military police to help restore security and safeguard the military headquarters.
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Photo-Military Police Safeguard the Pentagon

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