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September 11, 2001

Alleged Terrorist Airliner Attack Targets Pentagon
Bush: No Distinction Between Attackers and Those Who Harbor Them
DoD Holds Press Briefing in Pentagon
DoD Official Provides Briefing After Pentagon Attack
U.S. 'Will Hunt Down And Punish' Terrorists, Bush Says

September 12, 2001

Bush Visits Pentagon, Meets Rescuers
Rumsfeld Charges DoD to Vanquish Terror Enemies

September 13, 2001

DoD Announces Preliminary Casualty Numbers from Pentagon Attack
President Says It's War, And U.S. Will Be Victorious

September 14, 2001

'Black Boxes' Found at Pentagon Crash Site
Bush Authorizes Guard and Reserve Call-Ups
Bush Calls on Americans to Defend Freedom
DoD Delays New Blood Donor Deferral Rules
Senate Grills Myers on Homeland Defense, Transformation

September 16, 2001

Family Members, Loved Ones Visit Pentagon Crash Site

September 18, 2001

Rumsfeld on Terrorists: Drain the Swamp They Live In

September 19, 2001

Afghanistan: A Battleground Through the Ages

September 21, 2001

Bush Tells Military to 'Be Ready,' Defines Enemy


Bush Launches First Strike -- on Terrorists' Money
FBI Assumes Jurisdiction At Pentagon Crash Site

September 24, 2001
September 26, 2001

NATO Displays Solidarity For Terrorism Fight, Says Official
NATO Secretary-General Denounces Terrorist Attacks On U.S.

September 28, 2001

Spontaneous Memorial to Terrorists' Victims Grows Daily
U.S., NATO, Russia Partner in Terrorism Fight

October 3, 2001

Pentagon Terror Damage Will Take Years to Repair
Rumsfeld Departs on First Middle East Trip
Rumsfeld Not in Middle East to Negotiate

October 4, 2001

Bush, Rumsfeld Announce Food Aid for Afghan Refugees

October 5, 2001

U.S., Georgia Pledge Mutual Assistance in Terrorism Fight
Uzbekistan Grants U.S. Flyovers, Limited Basing

October 7, 2001

Aircraft, Missiles Hammer Terrorists
America Launches Strikes Against Al Qaeda, Taliban
Washington Provides Food, Medicine to Afghans

October 8, 2001

Air Campaign Continues Against Taliban, Terrorist Targets
National Guard Steps in to Help With Airport Security
Ridge Sworn in as Director of Homeland Security Office

October 9, 2001

Afghan Food Drop Underscores Bush's Humanitarian Pledge
Central Command Asks to Designate Afghanistan Combat Zone

October 11, 2001

Flag at Pentagon Attack Site Lowered, Preserved
Memorial Service Honors Pentagon Victims

October 12, 2001

Aerial Strikes Weaken Taliban, Terrorists, Says Rumsfeld
Air Force Fliers Continue Afghan Food Drop Operations

October 15, 2001

Italian PM Calls USA 'Irreplaceable Bulwark of Freedom'

October 16, 2001

'Box Scores' Don't Tell Whole Story
Rumsfeld Explains U.S. Position to Arab TV Network

October 18, 2001

DoD to Re-look Anthrax Vaccine Issue, Rumsfeld Says

October 19, 2001

DoD Officials Won't Confirm U.S. Ground Troops in Afghanistan

October 20, 2001

Two Soldiers Killed; Special Forces Assault Taliban Sites

October 26, 2001

U.S. Pounds Taliban Front-Line Positions

October 30, 2001

Anthrax Threat Suspends Dear Abby, 'Any Service Member' Mail Programs
U.S. Ground Forces Helping Northern Alliance

November 1, 2001

DoD Expands Imminent Danger/Hardship Duty Locations
Rumsfeld: Don't Expect 'Instant Victory' In Anti-Terror War

November 2, 2001

Bad Weather Causes U.S. Chopper Crash; Crew Safe
Joint STARS, Global Hawk Afghanistan-Bound, Official Says

November 5, 2001

U.S. Increases Number of Forces in Afghanistan
U.S., Indian Leaders Agree to Expand Military Ties

November 6, 2001

Anthrax Tests at Pentagon Prove Negative

November 9, 2001

President Signs $10.5 Billion Military Construction Act

November 13, 2001

Five Companies Receive DoD's 'Freedom Award'
Northern Alliance, U.S. Special Forces at Gates of Kabul

November 14, 2001

Rumsfeld Assures NYC: War's Not Over Till It's Over

November 15, 2001

Taliban, Al Qaeda Hurt, but 'Not Destroyed,' CENTCOM's Franks Says
Thanksgiving Message to the Troops From the Secretary of Defense
Wolfowitz Shares Special Forces' Afghanistan Dispatches

November 16, 2001

No. 2 Al Qaeda Terrorist May Have Been Killed

November 19, 2001

DoD Deploys Defensive Measures Against Anthrax Mail Threat

November 20, 2001

U.S., Philippines United Against Global Terrorism

November 21, 2001

Rumsfeld Thanks Special Operators During Bragg Visit

December 3, 2001

American Taliban Fighter Under U.S. Control in Afghanistan
Pentagon Attack Mementos Saved for Future Display

December 5, 2001

Third U.S. Service Member Succumbs to 'Friendly Fire' Wounds

December 7, 2001

Taliban Surrendering Kandahar, U.S. Forces in Firefights

December 10, 2001

Afghan War 'Ain't Over'; Coalition Must Remain Focused

December 12, 2001

Tora Bora Battle Continues

December 13, 2001

Tape Proves Bin Laden's Complicity in Sept. 11 Attacks
U.S. Prefers Al Qaeda Surrender, Rumsfeld Says

December 14, 2001

Marines Enter Kandahar Airport; Tora Bora Battle Continues

December 18, 2001

Afghanistan is Only the First Round
Detainees May Include Al Qaeda, Taliban Leaders
DoD Honors 18 Employees With Disabilities for Outstanding Work
U.S. to Question Detainees

January 3, 2002

Pentagon Attack Victims' Families Get Financial Assistance

January 4, 2002

Second Strike Hits Zawar Kili Compound; 'Aggressive' Search On for Bin Laden, Omar

January 7 , 2002

Taking Stock After Three Months of Combat
U.S. Aircraft Hit 4 Afghan Targets; Guantanamo Work Begins

January 11, 2002

Joint Task Force Set Up in Cuba to Oversee Al Qaeda Detainees

January 15, 2002

50 Detainees now at Gitmo; All Treated Humanely
'American Taliban' Charged in Federal Court

January 16, 2002

U.S. Forces to Help Philippines Fight Terrorists
U.S. Troops to Help Safeguard Olympics

January 17, 2002

Red Cross to Visit Gitmo; U.S. and Afghan Forces Cooperate

January 23, 2002

Central Command Relaxes Abaya Rule in Saudi Arabia

January 28, 2002

Rumsfeld, Karzai to Meet; U.S. Raids Afghan Hospital, U.S. Ships Collide
U.S. to Help Afghanistan Develop Military

January 30, 2002

Rumsfeld Gives Clues About Fiscal 2003 Defense Budget
Border Security Initiative Boosts Coast Guard Funds
Personnel Management Society Vows Guard, Reserve Support

February 8, 2002

All Pentagon Workers to Receive Chem/Bio Training
Legislation Brings Tax Relief to Terror Victims' Families
Rumsfeld Explains Detainee Status

February 20, 2002

Defense Will Not Lie to Public, Feith Says
Pentagon Doesn't Plan to 'Disinform' Public

February 21, 2002

Rumsfeld Details Hazar Qadam Actions

March 3, 2002

Coalition, Afghan Forces Attack Al Qaeda-Taliban Enclave

March 4, 2002

Nine U.S. Troops Killed in East Afghan Fighting
Troops Taking Fight to Al Qaeda in Eastern Afghanistan
U.S. Chopper Shot Down in East Afghanistan Fighting

March 5, 2002

8 American Soldiers Dead in Gardez Fighting

March 7, 2002

U.S. Troops Describe All-Day Shahi Khot Battle

March 8, 2002

Scientific Group Finds Anthrax Vaccine Safe, Effective

March 11, 2002

'I Will Not Relent,' Bush Vows
Coalition Members Show Solidarity at Pentagon

March 13, 2002

With a Little Help From Friends -- Little-Known Surgery Saves Officer's Life

March 14, 2002

Nigeria, South Korea Voice Support for U.S. War on Terrorism

March 26, 2002

Defense Officials Consider Aid for Quake Victims

April 1, 2002

Rumsfeld Singles Out Iraq, Iran, Syria

April 2, 2002

Rumsfeld Confirms Capture of Senior Al Qaeda Leader

April 3, 2002

Al Qaeda Leader Zubaydah to Remain in U.S. Control

April 4, 2002

American Found Among Detainees in Guantanamo

April 16, 2002

British Troops Assist in 'Mountain Lion' Operations

April 18, 2002

Bombing Accident Kills Four Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan
Rumsfeld Surmises 2 'New' Bin Laden Tapes Use Old Video
U.S. Marines Return From Afghanistan Tour

April 24, 2002

Rumsfeld Bound for Afghanistan

April 26, 2002

Spring Thaw Likely to Spark Attacks in Afghanistan

April 30, 2002

'On the Edge' with Rumsfeld in Afghanistan

May 2, 2002

DoD Authorizes National Defense Service Medal for War on Terrorism

May 13, 2002

Operation Snipe Ends, Efforts in Afghanistan Continue

May 17, 2002

British-led Coalition Battle Al Qaeda, Taliban Fighters

May 21, 2002

American Soldiers Training Afghan National Army

May 24, 2002

Fog, Friction Rule Takur Ghar Battle
The Battle of Takur Ghar

May 30, 2002

DoD Asks Congress for $30.8 Billion in Fiscal '03 to Fund Guard and Reserve

June 6, 2002

Bush Proposes New Homeland Security Department
Operation Mountain Lion Continues, Task Force Assumes Control

June 11, 2002

Pentagon Wears New Face at Dedication Capsule Ceremony
Wolfowitz Says Dirty Bomb Plot Highlights WMD Dangers

June 14, 2002

Karzai Elected President of Afghan Transitional Authority
Pennsylvania Group Loans Giant U.S. Flag to Pentagon

June 17, 2002

Research Study Evaluates Service Members' Health Trends
Operation Mountain Lion Patrols, Weapons Seizures Continue

June 20, 2002

U.S. Troops May Observe Philippine Companies on Patrol

June 21, 2002

Philippine Military Kills Abu Sayyaf Leader

June 28, 2002

DoD Set to Restart Anthrax Vaccination Program

July 1, 2002

Afghan Casualties Reported in Air Patrol-Ground Fire Exchange

July 15, 2002

Lindh Plea Bargains, to Cooperate With U.S. Officials

July 23, 2002

First Afghan Army Battalion Finishes Training

August 15 , 2002

Rumsfeld Submits Annual Report to Congress

August 19 , 2002

Rumsfeld's Annual Report Outlines Lessons Learned in War on Terror

August 26, 2002

Coalition Forces Complete Operation Mountain Sweep
Rumsfeld Town Hall Meeting Available Worldwide

August 27, 2002

Rumsfeld Praises Sailors, Marines in San Diego, Camp Pendleton

September 3, 2002
Workers Ready Site for Sept. 11 Ceremony
    Myers Describes Value of Transformation in Afghanistan Conflict
    Rumsfeld Discusses Iraq Inspections, WMD Capabilities
September 4, 2002
Paintings Capture First Moments of 9-11 Combat Air Patrols
    Doing Nothing About Iraq Is Not An Option, Bush Says
    Navy Chief Shows NFL Film Crew the Ropes in Afghanistan
    Space Camp Scholarship Honors Young Sept. 11 Pentagon Attack Victim
    Pentagon 9-11 Ceremony Will Send Variety of Messages
September 5, 2002
Karzai Escapes Assassination Attempt, Downtown Kabul Bombed
    Afghanistan Also Battleground of Ideologies
    Bridging the Gap Between Muslim World and the West
    Quilters Show Support From Around the World
    World Can't Be Blackmailed By Leaders Like Saddam, Bush Says
September 6, 2002
Kabul Bombing Targeted Innocents; TV Cameraman Dies in Helo Crash
    Nation's Enemies Still Exist; Best Defense Is to Find Them
    Country Music Star to Perform at Pentagon
    Pentagon Kiosk Showcases Video E-mail Sent to Deployed Service Members
September 8, 2002
Rumsfeld, Myers Discuss Iraq Situation On Talk Shows
September 9, 2002
Saddam Poses Threat to Neighbors, West
September 10, 2002
Pace Talks Threat-Level and Clear Skies Changes, Details War Progress
    Sept. 11 Anniversary Message to the Armed Forces from the Secretary of Defense
    U.S. Heightens Threat Level of Terrorist Attack
September 11, 2002
U.S. Must 'Reject Bigotry,' Bush Says in Address to American Muslims
    Greatest Tasks Face U.S. Military, Bush Says
    Rumsfeld, Myers Remember the Slain, Gird for Future