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Unique military hardships

Military personnel experience a unique set of challenges that may present undue financial hardships. These include the relocation process and unaccompanied assignments:

  • The relocation process may cause loss of spousal jobs or service members' part-time jobs, moving costs not covered by the military (e.g., pets), and private school costs.
  • Unaccompanied assignments or deployments of the military member might create additional costs such as children care, special care needs, and loss of job.

Personal finances

Service members can be professionally ready for battle, but if their personal finances are not in order, they will most likely face their distractions. Members want to know that when they deploy, back home, their personal side is taken care of. Before deployment, here are some tips for the individual:
  • Make a will. Name an executor to settle your estate in the event of your death. If you have young children, name a guardian for them.
  • Draw up a power of attorney. This authorizes someone to conduct your business affairs on your behalf. Make sure the person to whom you give this power is someone you really trust.
    Make sure your financial accounts designate who will take them over if something should happen to you.
  • If an account is in your name only, consider adding your spouse, a trusted friend or other family member so he or she can have access to the money to take care of financial issues that may arise during your absence.
  • Make sure that your military pay is on direct deposit so that the family has access to the dollars.
  • Update beneficiaries on insurance policies and retirement plans.
  • Review your life insurance policy and make sure your coverage matches your family's needs. The Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance program provides policies of up to $250,000 to those on active duty, reservists and others.
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