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October 23, 2003

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General Pace says military is working to provide servicemembers with latest technology for body armor
DOD says horizontal fusion will make it easier for troops to do their jobs
DOD developing initiative to transform US military into a more efficient war fighting unit
Secretary Rumsfeld says balance of reserves/national guard and active force must be

Defense Secretary explains budget request on Capitol Hill, Asks Congress for legislative
help in transforming departmen

• 04 Defense Budget focuses on transformation
 Defense Secretary tells Congress budget increases necessary for War on Terrorism,

• Pentagon's Comptroller says '04 budget helps meet transformation goals
• Defense officials say "transformation" means switch to "strategy-driven" budget
• SecDef: NATO needs to transform its military 
 Secretary Rumsfeld says transforming the Marine Corps is no easy task
 President, SecDef discuss War on Terrorism, Transformation
 SecDef: Key to transformation is "jointness"
 Army testing a new rocket artillery system
 Pentagon Force Protection Agency established
 Can the mystery meats: DoD improves MREs
 Army unveils Objective Force body armor
 Pentagon planning largest-ever joint military transformation experiment
 SecDef says $379 billion budget is needed to protect the country  
 SecDef testifies on the need for transformation
 SecDef says cancelling Crusader is the right thing to do
 Rumsfeld, Myers praise military members at Open House
 SecDef testifies about Crusader before SASC
 Army advances weapons systems
 Secretary of Defense terminates the Crusader
 DD(X) will replace Aegis ships / Army war games
 Flight tests will resume for V-22 Osprey
 SecDef comments on future of Crusader program
 SecDef says information is a key element of the war
 Deputy Secretary of Defense testifies on transformation
 SecDef reinforces global nature of war on terror
 Pentagon says "transformation" funding a high budget priority
 DepSecDef speaks out on Transformation
 SecDef: Armed Forces must transform to meet new and changing threats

 SecDef says September 11th was a call for action
 SecDef says there is resistance to transforming the military
SecDef says there is resistance to transforming military
 SecDef: Armed Forces must transform to meet new and changing threats

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