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October 23, 2003

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General Pace says military is working to provide servicemembers with latest technology for body armor
DOD says horizontal fusion will make it easier for servicemembers to do their jobs
Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz tells the AUSA convention the "Joint Force" is critical to the military's future
DOD developing initiative to transform U S military into a more efficient war fighting unit
Secretary Rumsfeld says balance of Reserves/National Guard and active force must be

 Defense Secretary explains budget request on Capitol Hill, Asks Congress for legislative help in transforming department
 SECDEF on transformation 
 Defense Secretary tells Congress budget increases necessary for War On Terrorism, Transformation
 Defense officials say "Millennium Challenge 2002" warfighting experiment successful 
 Defense officials say "transformation" means switch to "strategy-driven" budget
 SECDEF on Military Transformation
 SECDEF says joint thinking is the future of 21st century joint warfare
 Air Force sleep researchers looking for ways to maximize body performance
 Battlefield rations for future warfighters to be smaller, lighter, more nutritious
 Future warfighters to make water by burning diesel fuel
 UCAV completes first flight, Army contracts for UCAR
 NASA researching flexible-wing, "morphing" aircraft of the future
 Pentagon planning largest-ever joint military transformation experiment
 Defense Secretary defends decision recommending cancellation of Crusader
 Secretary Rumsfeld explains decision to end Crusader artillery program
 Rumsfeld, Myers praise military members at Open House
 Joint Service Open house shows the public the military's strengths
 Rumsfeld defends cancellation of Army Crusader program
 Pentagon leaders make case to Congress for "Crusader" cancellation
 Pentagon examines alternatives to cancelled Crusader artillery system
 Pentagon announces cancellation of Army's Crusader artillery system
 Flight Tests will resume for V-22 Osprey
 Army investigating "inappropriate behavior" surrounding effort to save Crudader program
 SecDef comments on future of Crusader artillery system
 Pentagon leaders brief Congress on transformation priorities
 Pentagon leaders outline transformation priorities
 Pentagon financial chief says "transformation" funding a high budget priority
 SecDef calls for change, preparation for new terrorist threats
 SecDef says military must change to be effective in the future
 2003 Defense Budget an investment in transformation AFRTS Video Report
 SecDef: Bigger Budget will help transform the military AFRTS Video Report

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