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Introduction of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Unmanned aerial vehicles commonly referred to as UAV's are defined as powered aerial vehicles sustained in flight by aerodynamic lift over most of their flight path and guided without an onboard crew. They may be expendable or recoverable and can fly autonomously or piloted remotely. UAVs are a key element within the concept of information dominance. Historically the greatest use of UAVs have been in the areas of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance. While UAVs play an increasing role in these mission areas, we are just beginning to understand the operational impact of multiple UAV operations and their importance to 21st century air power needs and future warfighters. As the US military adapts to a new set of realities and new ways of doing business, greater possibilities evolve for the employment of UAVs.
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Airman 1st Class John D. Clark from the 15th Reconnaissance Squadron, Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. performs maintenance on a Predator UAV after its return from a reconnaissance flight over Afghanistan. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Chief Warrant Officer 2 William D Crow.

DoD Internal News

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Last Updated June 3, 2003

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