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11:00 Background Briefing
1 BT Contracts
2 MFC Aadland - GO Announcement
3 MFC General Officer Assignments
4 PA National Disability Employment Awareness Month
5 PA Background Briefing on SecDef Visit to Middle East
6 PA Secretary of Defense Cohen to introduce Secretary of State Albright
7 PA Change in time for regularly scheduled DoD press briefing
8 TRNS DoD News Briefing - Kenneth H. Bacon, ASD PA
Senate The Senate is scheduled to continue debate on CTBT. Defense Appropriations Conference Report may come to the floor.
House The House is scheduled to meet at 10:00 a.m. for Legislative Business and may consider the following measures subject to a rule:

--HR FY00, Department of Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations Act.

--HR 1993, Export Enhancement Act of 1999.

--HR 2679, Motor Carrier Safety Act of 1999
Rayburn House Committee on International Relations OPEN witnesses: William Perry, North Korea Policy Advisor, State Department and former Secretary of Defense; and Wendy R. Sherman, Counselor, State Department re: U.S. policy toward North Korea.
2118 Rayburn
House Committee on Armed Services OPEN Witnesses: Panel 1 - Dr. Keith Payne, President, National Institute for Public Policy; William R. Graham, Chairman and President, National Security Research; R. James Woolsey, Shea and Gardner; Michael Krepon, President, The Henry L. Stimson Center. Panel 2 - Walter B. Slocombe, Under Secretary of Defense (Policy); and Lucas Fischer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (Strategic Affairs) re: national missile defense and its implications for the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
628 Dirksen
Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation and Federal Services OPEN Witnesses: Robert Walpole, National Intelligence Officer, Strategic and Nuclear Programs, National Intelligence Council; William Graham, President,
National Security Research, Inc.; Joseph Cirincione, Director, non-Proliferation Project, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace re: U.S. intelligence community's understanding of ballistic missile threats against the U.S.
Senate Committee on Armed Services, Subcommittee on Seapower OPEN Witnesses: VAdm. William J. Fallon, Commander, U.S. Navy Second Fleet; VAdm. Daniel J. Murphy, Jr., Commander, U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet; Maj. Gen. Charles H. Coolidge, Jr., Director, Operations and Logistics, USTRANSCOM; Maj. Gen. Emil R. Bedard, Commanding General, II Marine Expeditionary Force, USMC re: force structure impacts on Fleet and strategic lift operations. The Committee will examine what effect a reduced fleet of ships would have on readiness and deployment.
Dirksen Senate Special Committee on The Year 2000 Technology Problem OPEN Witnesses: RADM Robert Willard, Deputy Director for Operations (Current Readiness and Capabilities) JCS; Marshall S. Smith, Deputy Secretary of Education; Bonnie R. Cohen, Under Secretary of State (Management); Larry Gershwin, National Intelligence Office, CIA; Michael J. Copps, Assistant Secretary of Commerce (Trade Development); James L. Price, Chief Economist, Commerce Department; Nick Gogerty, International Monitoring; Howard Rubin, Cap-Gemini; and James Moody, President and CEO, Interaction re: the year 2000 preparedness of other countries of the world, and how international Y2K failures might impact U.S. economic and strategic interests abroad.

DUTY OFFICER FOR October 13, 1999 - LTC Begines

Pager number: (800) 341-2470

Cellular phone: (703) 405-4715

Prepared by Media Relations Division, (703) 697-5131 or 695-0192

Remarks and Introduction of Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, William S. Cohen Lecture
Remarks as Delivered by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen , University of Maine, Orono, Maine

DOD/FAA ENHANCE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER READINESS, POST-RETIREMENT OPPORTUNITIES A joint venture between the Federal Aviation Administration and the Defense Department designed to improve post-military employment opportunities for military air traffic controllers went into effect Oct. 1, 1999. Known to the military as Phoenix Controller 20, and the FAA as "The Employment of...

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