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1:30 DoD News Briefing followed by Gulf War Illness Briefing
1 BT Contracts
2 BT Secretary of Defense Calls For Continued Dialogue on Vieques
3 BT Secretary of Defense Calls For Continued Dialogue on Vieques (Spanish
4 PA Ken Harvey Participates in Red Ribbon Week
5 TRNS Press Conference at Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Manama, Bahrain -
Secretary Cohen
House The House schedule is uncertain.
Senate The Senate schedule is uncertain.
2118 Rayburn
House Committee on Armed Services, Subcommittee on Procurement OPEN/ CLOSE Witnesses: LTG Larry R. Ellis, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (DCSOPS); Lt. Gen. Marvin Esmond, Deputy Chief of Staff (Air and Space Operations) USAF; VADM Conrad Lautenbacher, USN, Deputy CNO (Resources, Warfare Requirements and Assessments); and Lt. Gen. John E. Rhodes, USMC, Commanding General, USMC Development Command re: lessons learned in Kosovo with respect to weapons availability and procurement.
10/19/1999 0930
106 Dirksen
Senate Committee on Armed Services OPEN Witnesses: Panel 1 - Members of the Special Panel on Military Operation on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico: Frank Rush, Chairman; Lee Hamilton; General Richard Neal; and ADM Diego Hernandez. Panel 2 - Pedro Rosello, Governor of Puerto Rico; Anibal Acevedo Vila, House Minority Leader, PR; Romero- Barcelo, Resident Commissioner, PR. Panel 3 - Richard Danzig, Secretary of the Navy; Admiral Johnson, CNO; and General Jones, Commandant, USMC re: to review the results of the Rush Panel on the dispute over Puerto Rico's demand to close U.S. Navy Target Facility on Vieques Island. This hearing was scheduled for October 5, 1999
216 Hart
JOINT - Senate Committee on Government Affairs and Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources OPEN Witnesses: Bill Richardson, Secretary of Energy re: the Energy Department's creation of the National Nuclear Security Administration as mandated by the Defense Authorization Act.

DUTY OFFICER FOR October 19, 1999 - LCDR Sutherland

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DOD AND RAND RELEASE REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE AS IT PERTAINS TO GULF WAR ILLNESSES AND PYRIDOSTIGMINE BROMIDE Today the Department of Defense and RAND Corporation released the latest in a series of scientific literature reviews on potential health issues affecting Gulf War veterans.

"The Defense Department has provided an important service to Gulf War vets by commissioning this work," said...

DoD Releases Pyridostigmine Bromide RAND Report Immediately following the regularly scheduled Tuesday, 1:30 p.m. EDT Department of Defense news briefing in Pentagon Room 2E781, Under Secretary of the Army Bernard Rostker, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Dr. Sue Bailey, and RAND researcher Dr. Beatrice Golomb will discuss the...

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