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10 a.m. (EDT) Hosts full honors arrival ceremony to welcome Italian Minister of Defense Carlo Scognamiglio to the Pentagon at the River Parade Field. Media interested in covering the arrival ceremony should contact Pat Toombs at (703) 697-6161.
11:15 a.m. (EDT) Conducts a joint press conference with the Italian Defense Minister to announce the findings and recommendations of the bilateral Italian-U.S. Commission that assessed the corrective safety measures taken since the February 1998 accident near Cavalese, Italy.


8:30 a.m. (PST) Visits the Boeing plant in Seattle. Visit will include a media photo opportunity during a portion of the tour. For more information, contact Boeing Director of Media Relations Sherry Nebel at (206) 655-6123.


1 BT Contracts
2 BT Presence Of Chemical Warfare Agents At Cement Factory Assessed As "Unlikely"
3 BT DoD, Rand Releases Policy Review On Use Of Investigational New Drugs
4 BT Rand Review Indicates No Evidence Of Harmful Health Effects
5 MFC Secretary Cohen Remarks at CHURCHILL Ceremony - Correction
6 MFC Secretary Cohen Remarks at CHURCHILL Ceremony
7 MFC Peters Remarks at Austin - Bergstrom IAP Dedication
8 PA Full Honor Ceremony/Joint Press Conference MoD Italy
9 PA Hamre Remarks to Microsoft Conference, Boeing Visit


House The House is scheduled to meet at 10:00 a.m. for Legislative Business and consider the following:
-- H.J.Res. 37, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States with Respect to Tax Limitations
-- H.R. 472, Local Census Quality Control Act
-- H.R. 800, Education Flexibility Partnership Act of 1999 Conference Report
-- H.Con.Res. 68, A Concurrent Resolution Establishing the Congressional Budget for the United States Government Conference Report
-- H.R. ___, A Bill to Provide Tax Benefits to American Military Personnel in Yugoslavia
Senate The Senate schedule is uncertain.
9:30 a.m.
2322 Rayburn
The House Committee on Commerce, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations will conduct an OPEN hearing recurring security problems at DoE laboratories, the causes and the problems, and what can be done to fix them. Witnesses: None from DoD

DUTY OFFICER FOR APRIL 16-19, 1999 - Ms Hansen

Pager number: (800) 341-2470

Cellular phone: (703) 801-2166

Prepared by Media Relations Division, (703) 697-5131 or 695-0192

There are no Speeches available for 4/16/1999. Please see the Speeches overview page for more

FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA POW Kosovo Liberation Army forces captured a Yugoslav Army officer during a night operation 13-14 April 1999 near Junik, Kosovo. He was subsequently delivered to the Albanian government, and on 16 April, he was delivered to U. S. custody. Today he was flown on a U.S. helicopter from northern Albania...

DoD Press Briefing at 1 p.m. Saturday Capt. Mike Doubleday, deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Public Affairs (Information), and Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles F. Wald, vice director for Strategic Plans and Policy for the Joint Staff (J-5), will provide an operational update of U.S. participation in NATO Operation Allied Force...

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