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News Transcripts document all DOD news briefings and significant interviews. News transcripts issued within the past 30 days are listed below. Older transcripts are available on the transcript archive page. Transcripts are also available by e-mail subscription. Go to DOD News for more information and for links to other news items.

06/30/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Roger Hedgecock, Newsradio 600 KOGO
06/30/2004:   Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Winkenwerder Roundtable Discussion
06/30/2004:   Expansion of the Anthrax and Smallpox Immunization Programs for DoD Personnel
06/29/2004:   Press Conference with Iraqi Prime Minister
06/28/2004:   NATO Summit Background Briefing
06/27/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Media Availability at Istanbul Summitt
06/26/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld and Moldovan Minister of Defense Press Availability
06/26/2004:   Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing
06/26/2004:   Background Briefing Enroute to Moldova
06/25/2004:   Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing
06/24/2004:   International Committee of the Red Cross Interaction with Department of Defense on Detainees
06/24/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Sean Hannity, ABC Radio
06/24/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Brit Hume, Fox News Live
06/24/2004:   Regular DoD News Briefing
06/23/2004:   Special Defense Department Briefing with Secretary of The Navy Gordon England
06/23/2004:   Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz on MSNBC Hardball
06/21/2004:   Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing
06/17/2004:   Defense Department Regular Briefing
06/17/2004:   Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Press Conference in Mosul
06/17/2004:   Central Command Briefing
06/16/2004:   Interview with DoD Traveling Press Corps
06/15/2004:   Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing
06/14/2004:   Special Department of Defense Briefing
06/14/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld and Afghanistan President Karzai Press Availability
06/12/2004:   Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing
06/09/2004:   Defense Department Background Briefing on U.S. Global Defense Posture
06/08/2004:   Press Conference with Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez
06/07/2004:   Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer
06/07/2004:   Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Interview with CNN International Business
06/05/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Remarks at the International Institute for Strategic Studies
06/05/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Press Availablity Bangladesh Meetings
06/05/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld and Australian MoD Robert Hill Media Stakeout
06/05/2004:   Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing
06/04/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Media Availability with NBC TV (Pool), Pentagon Pool Print and Voice of America (Radio)
06/04/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Town Hall Meeting on USS Essex
06/04/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Roundtable in Singapore
06/04/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Maria Ressa, CNN
06/04/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Excerpts of Town Hall Meeting
06/04/2004:   Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing
06/03/2004:   Media Availability with Commander, U.S. Southern Command General James T. Hill
06/02/2004:   Secretary Rumsfeld Press Availability en route to Singapore
06/02/2004:   Briefing By U.N. Special Envoy for Iraq
06/02/2004:   Absentee Ballot Initiatives for U.S. Service Members and Dependents Briefing
06/01/2004:   Coalition Provisional Authority Background Briefing
06/01/2004:   Statements by United Nations Envoy

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