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Secretary Rumsfeld briefs on House Intelligence and Operations

Presenter: Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz
January 22, 2004
Secretary Rumsfeld briefs on House Intelligence and Operations

            Chairman Hunter:  Folks, we had a great briefing for the members of the House.  We had lots of questions on the update, on the theatre, Iraq, Afghanistan.  We kept the Secretary over he has time for one question.


            Q: Mr. Secretary, what do you think about the new proposal to put some predictability back in the lives of the reservists?


            Rumsfeld:  That proposal?


            Q: Are you familiar with it?


            Rumsfeld: I may be, but not from that definition.  We have a situation with the guard and reserve that is uneven.  Because of an imbalance between the active force and the guard and reserve, some guard and reserve get called up frequently.  A large number never get called up.


            Q: That’s what I’m talking about, I understand that there is a proposal that…


            Rumsfeld: We are in the process of rebalancing and putting more of the skill sets in the active force of those skills that get called up too often and taking some of the skill sets from the active force that aren’t used frequently and putting them in the reserves.  There will be a rebalancing that will take place.  It’s already started with the Army and it should do a good deal towards relieving some of the stress on the guard and reserve.


            Q: Do you get the chance to read the article?


            Rumsfeld: No.  I’ve been busy!  Nice to see you all.

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