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Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz in Capitol Hill Stakeout

Presenter: Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz
July 15, 2004

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz in Capitol Hill Stakeout

Q:  The Iraqi government just had a – Iraq just had a car bombing yesterday and Allawi is coming out to give his recommendations as to what they should do.  How should they be dealing with this terrorist threat and has the face of the enemy changed since the transfer of sovereignty? 


SEC. WOLFOWITZ:  Well, I think they have the right strategy which is getting enough Iraqi security forces out in greater and greater numbers and we’re working hard with them to make that happen.  And their prime minister is a very courageous man and I think he was on the scene of that bombing very shortly after it happened and that’s leadership -- it’s showing leadership. 


You know, the face of the enemy – the enemy hasn’t changed, but the face of the enemy looks different now because it’s obvious to all Iraqis that this is an enemy of the Iraqi people.  And I would think ultimately that’s going to be their downfall.  They offer nothing but death and destruction and violence and this new government offers a very positive message and that’s how they’re going to win it. 


Q:  Now you met with some women leaders in Iraq today.  Did they get into the security issue at all?  Did they express any concerns or—


SEC. WOLFOWITZ:  What was really powerful from these women – I heard them talking to members of Congress -- and the members of Congress asked, ‘was it worth it? Should we have done it?’ and one of them said, “Saddam Hussein himself was a weapon of mass destruction himself.  I don’t know why you Americans are so worried about this.”


Q:  OK.  Well, thank you very much, Mr. Secretary.


SEC. WOLFOWITZ:  Thank you.


Q:  Appreciate it. 

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