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Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Remarks at the Airport, Ankara, Turkey

Presenter: Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz
December 04, 2002

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2002

(Remarks at the airport, Ankara, Turkey)

Wolfowitz: Merhaba. It's great pleasure to be back in Turkey. Obviously there is a very full agenda of subjects to be discussed. The President of the United States sent me and my colleagues here and to London to talk to our closest allies about the issue of Iraq, of how we could work together to try to ensure that the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1441 are implemented. Hopefully peacefully. And our chances of a peaceful outcome of the Iraq problem are going to be greatest, the more cooperation we have from our partners and allies in Turkey as clearly one of our strongest partners and allies that has been throughout. We're very well aware there are many other issues on Turkey's agenda, particularly the issue of membership of the European Union. I spoke about that subject when I was in London yesterday. And we've been doing everything that we can to assist Turkey in its aspirations. And I'd be very interested in hearing from Turkish officials if there are other things that we can do. I realize that in addition the economic challenges Turkey faces multiple, international challenges right now. But I feel confident that working together, as we always have, that we'll be able to look back on this period as a period that moved into a new and better and positive era even though we have problems overcoming those problems will lead to a much better future for everyone in this region and particularly for Turkey. So, it's a pleasure as I say to be back here. It's a great ally, it's always useful and informative to meet with Turkish officials. And we're looking forward to a very productive if short visit. We'll take questions from the press later on. But not right now.

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