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Amb. Bremer Stakeout at the House

Presenters: Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III, Chief Administrator in Iraq
July 22, 2003

(Stakeout at the House with Ambassador Paul Bremer III, Chief Administrator in Iraq with Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Congressman Porter J. Goss Chair and Ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Congresswoman Jane Harman)

Bremer: Afternoon.

I’ve just completed a very productive hour with members of the House describing for them the strategy that we’re pursuing in Iraq to restore essential services to improve security for American forces and for the Iraqi people. And to continue the progress we’ve made the extraordinary progress we’ve made on the political front.

I think we find as we describe our strategy to members that there’s a much better understanding of how we’re moving forward and how we intend to go forward in the weeks ahead.

I don’t know if you want to say anything.

Goss: We’re extremely proud of Ambassador Bremer and his team over there. Rick Sanchez you’ve seen some of him on television this afternoon. A lot of good things are happening. I think that the message that we have received is that we’ve got to have some patience. This is a tough job, we have good people there working in a very tough operation climate doing excellent work and everyday is a better day than yesterday. And that is the trend line, that is the way things are working across the whole spectrum whether it’s the political spectrum or the infrastructure or stability or the economy or anything you want to name, it is going better, the news is good, people should be cheered but this is not a short run, this is a long run. And I’m please to be associated with you.

Harman: Let me say that I’ve worked with Ambassador Bremer in 99 and 2000 as part of the commission on terrorism, an effort that he chaired ably. He’s doing this project ably as well. Chairman Goss and I were recently in Baghdad, our focus was on the effort to find WMD in Iraq, that is part of the Ambassador’s purview as well and we discussed that in dept today. It is absolutely critical that we continue our work on the WMD search. What worries me is not just that our credibility is at stake but the safety of our troops on the ground is at stake and so I’m very encouraged by what he said about the WMD search.

Q: (Inaudible) address that (inaudible)how dramatically different is the Iraq landscape today than it was yesterday?

Bremer: Thank you. Well this is a really great day for the Iraqi people. It’s a wonderful day for the fine American men and women in our services who have shown again how competent and professional they are.

The fact that Baghdad was lighted up with celebratory fire tonight shows you how important this is in meeting the real desires of the Iraqi people to be rid for once and for all of Saddam Hussein, his sons and his odious regime.

This is important because it also shows the cooperation between the Iraqis and the Americans. I understand the information came to us from and Iraqi informant which led us to the house where these men were killed.

As we go forward I’m looking – I’m hoping that we will see more coordination and more cooperation between the Iraqi and the American people and this is just very good news.

Q: Ambassador will it make it anymore easier to find Saddam Hussein himself?

Bremer: I think its quite possible that what we’ll find after this now is that people will be willing to come forward as they have been over the last few weeks. We’ve seen and increase in informants coming forward to our military, to our intelligence people and to our police in the last three weeks. This is an obvious example of a culmination of that. I would hope this will encourage other Iraqi’s to come forward now and I’ve said all along it’s only a matter of time before we find Saddam Hussein and I hope that day is a day earlier now.

Thank you.

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