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Secretary Rumsfeld Hosts an Honor Cordon for Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase

Presenter: Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
July 21, 2004 10:30 AM EDT

Wednesday, July 21, 2004 10:30 a.m. EDT

Secretary Rumsfeld Hosts an Honor Cordon for Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase

RUMSFELD:  I’ll just say a word.  We have been having an excellent meeting and discussed so many aspects of our bilateral relationship, as well as our cooperation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  I personally am looking forward to going to Romania in, I believe, October and participating in a NATO defense ministerial meeting there.  The prime minister has a full schedule here and I was very honored that he came to the Pentagon and gave us an opportunity to talk about our military to military relationships.


NASTASE:  Should I say a few words?


RUMSFELD:  Indeed.  Anyway you want or both.


NASTASE:  Romanian or English or both?  And I say a few words in English and then in Romanian, if you’ll accept that.  It was a great honor to meet again with Secretary Rumsfeld and to discuss about our bilateral relations.  The United States has done a lot to reform the army, the armed forces.  And we have done an excellent job in making our army modern, rapid and flexible.  I think it’s important also that we could discuss about our cooperation in various operation areas in the world.  Our military cooperation in Iraq, in Afghanistan.  And we could discuss about – well, the outcome of the Istanbul summit which took place just a few weeks ago.  We are very proud that we can organize in Bucharest the informal meeting of the ministers of the defense of NATO.  And I’m sure that on that occasion, while we’ll have the [inaudible] of opinion [inaudible] to discuss a number of our bilateral relations.  I’m sure that  in planning the reallocation of various bases around the world.  And the five-star location of Romania would be taken into account by the secretary.  Thank you.


RUMSFELD:   [Laughter] You want to do something in Romanian?

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