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Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Colorado Springs Radio Station KVOR - Richard Randall

Presenter: Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
October 06, 2003

(Stand-Aside with Colorado Springs Radio Station KVOR – Richard Randall)


            Randall:  Hi, I’m Richard Randall with KVOR.


            Rumsfeld:  Hello, Richard Randall.


            Randall:  (Inaudible) protecting us from Communists in Europe.  What’s the future mission of NATO today, 5, 20 years is this going (inaudible)?


            Rumsfeld:  Oh absolutely.  Yeah, if you think about it NATO – the countries that the most like thinking nations in the world can (inaudible) and we have common interest, we have common threats and problems we face in the world and (inaudible) global war on terrorism is an example.  Another example where we’re cooperating extensively is in the Balkans where you have the instabilities in Kosovo and Bosnia and Macedonia.  So the opportunity for Russian European and North American countries to work together to help contribute to peace and stability in the world is a very important alliance.  So I see NATO alliance going forward and playing a very constructive role in the world.


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