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Ambassador Bremer Media Stakeout following House Appropriations Committee Hearing

Presenters: Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III, Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority
September 24, 2003
Bremer:  I have just completed a very open and frank discussion with the House Appropriations Committee on the President’s request for a supplemental for Iraq for the next year.


     I made the case as I have in six other appearances in the last two day but this supplemental large though it is, is an essential part of the global war on terrorism.  A war which was brought home to each and every American on September 11th two years ago.  It’s an uncomfortable fact particularly for those of us who are living in Baghdad that we are now at the front line of this war on terrorism.


     I’m convinced that the American Congress will understand this and will approve the President’s supplemental and that we will then go and build the Iraq which the Iraqis want, an Iraq which is democratic, an Iraq which is at peace with its neighbors and a Iraq which provides economic opportunity for all Iraqis.


     Thank you.

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