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Gen. Richard B. Myers Media Stakeout at River Entrance Pentagon

Presenters: Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard B. Myers
June 03, 2005
Gen. Richard B. Myers Media Stakeout at River Entrance Pentagon

            QUESTION: What’s the bottom line of your 2005 Chairman’s risk assessment?  How would you characterize the message your sending to Congress?


           GEN. RICHARD B. MYERS: The message I’m sending to Congress is that the United States military can fulfill its tasks under the Nation Security Strategy, the National Defense Strategy and the National Military Strategy and we will be successful and prevail in anything that our Nation asks us to do under those strategies and that’s the bottom line.


            QUESTION: Will there be a difference . . . .?


           GEN. RICHARD B. MYERS: We measure ourselves.  We have very high standards in how we measure ourselves against our current plans.  And so that’s what we’re measuring.  We’re measuring against timelines that are already in plans that have been established several years ago, a year ago . . . .so we measure ourselves against that.  What we said is we will be successful.  We will prevail.  The timelines may have to be extended and we may have to use additional resources but that doesn’t matter because we’re going to be successful in the end.  Our measurement goes out to the end of this year.   It actually says that in the area that we have that the trend is to lower risk because of the support we’re getting from Congress with the regular budget and supplementals to make some of the issues that have come up from being at war for three and a half years.


            QUESTION: If North Korea invades the South . . ?.


           GEN. RICHARD B. MYERS: We will be successful and we will prevail.  No doubt about it.  Thank you very much.


           QUESTION:  (Inaudible airplane noise)


           GEN. RICHARD B. MYERS:   (Inaudible airplane noise) We will be successful. That’s the bottom line.

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