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Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Interview with PBS Newshour

Presenter: Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz
June 07, 2002

(Interview with Jim Lehrer, PBS Newshour. This portion of the interview was broadcast on Friday, June 7. Transcript of the remainder of the interview will be posted after it airs.)

Lehrer: Last June, the rebels beheaded a third American abducted along with the Burnhams. U.S. troops helped train the commandos involved in today's action, but did not take part themselves.

In Washington, Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz said the United States and the Philippines will continue working together to fight terror. He spoke in an interview with "The Newshour."

Wolfowitz: This incident has only strengthened their resolve to go after the terrorists, and I believe it should strengthen our resolve to help them to do so.

I was able to observe in the Philippines that a lot of progress has been made with our help and assistance. They are people, the Filipinos and the Philippine government, the Philippine armed forces really want to do the right thing. They're really on our side in this. I shouldn't say "they're on our side." We're also on their side. They understand we're in this together. What they need is to improve their capability to operate against these terrorists, and we can do that with training. We can do that with equipment. We've had a lot of success already.

Lehrer: In all, some 1,200 American troops are in the Philippines helping to try and equipment government soldiers.

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