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Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz comments on Civil Defense Corps

Presenter: Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz
October 24, 2003
           REPORTER:  (Question inaudible)


           SECRETARY WOLFOWITZ:   They [the Civil Defense Corps] are coming on-line relatively quickly.   In fact, in this big incident just the other day, in this area in Karbala, it was Iraqi Civil Defense Corps who played a very important role in law enforcement, actually.


           REPORTER:   Is the U.S. going to have to reconsider rehiring or re-recruiting some former Iraqi military to accelerate the pace?


           WOLFOWITZ:   It's not a matter of reconsidering; we are doing it on a daily basis.   I mean there is no question that a very large number must be part of this.   So it's happening as we speak.


           REPORTER:   What about bringing on whole Iraqi units, engineer units for instance, support services in particular?


           WOLFOWITZ:   Those units have sort of largely dissolved and melted away. There might be some circumstances in which you might look at an individual one.   The notion there was an Iraqi army to be hung onto is simply – it didn't exist, it didn't happen.   Most of the officers from the old Army are in fact currently receiving pensions of some sort through the CPA.  And actually we would like to get as many of them doing more than just receiving their pension, actually fighting for their country, as I say in large numbers they are.

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