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Press Availability with Secretary Rumsfeld on North Korea Nuclear Activity

Presenter: Secretary of Defense
October 03, 2006
SEC. RUMSFELD: (In progress) -- belief that the six-party talks are the proper method for dealing with North Korea.

We've been working at that problem. We are -- the secretary of State and Department of State and the embassy have all been working with our partners in those talks. And I think that what we will see is a reaction to a statement like that by their neighbors.

Q (On what parts of it ?)? There's already, I think, international -- (inaudible) -- (tough surveillance ?).

SEC. RUMSFELD: It's understandable. And that is, I think, perfectly understandable that they will react and be concerned about it, and it may be that that reaction will be sufficient to get the North Koreans to go back and have the six-party talks.

They are an active proliferator. And were they to test and were they to proliferate this technology, we'd be living -- (inaudible) -- obviously we'd be living in a somewhat different world.

(Cross talk.)

Q Do you see any change in the alert status of the military force? (Off mike.)

SEC. RUMSFELD: I'm not going to get into that.

Q Or deployments?

SEC. RUMSFELD: I'm not going to get into that.

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