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Transcript : DoD News Briefing : Secretary of Defense WilliamJ. Perry

Presenter: Secretary of Defense William J. Perry
April 23, 1996 10:00 AM EDT
[This media activity takes place following a Full Honors Arrival Ceremonywelcoming

Minister of Defense Shaikh Ahmad al-Hamud Al-Sabah, of the State of Kuwait, tothe Pentagon]

Q: Mr. Perry, for Kuwait television, how would you characterize therelationship with the United States and Kuwait?

A: The relationship between the United States and Kuwait has never beenstronger. This is about the fourth meeting that I have had, since I havebecome secretary [inaudible]. This is the first visit of the Kuwaiti defenseminister to the Pentagon and I am pleased and honored to be able to host him atthis visit, but our relationship is very strong. I'd like to ask the Kuwaitiminister to answer that question as well.

Al-Sabah [Through translator]: Well, first of all, I'm very pleased anddelighted to be here. It's my first visit to the Pentagon. I am very pleasedto meet Secretary Perry and to meet him for the third time now. I hope that wehave more meetings in the future.

Q: Secretary Perry, is it true that the airport at Dubrovnik was rated unsafefor instrument approaches by the Air Mobility Command? And, if so, is itproper for the pilot of Ron Brown's plane to attempt an instrument approach?

A: Jamie, as you know, we have a very detailed accident investigation underwayon that whole set of issues. We will make a comprehensive and a full report tothe public and to the press as soon as that report is completed. I thinkthat's a few weeks away from now and I don't want to be making off-handcomments about the investigation while it is going on.

Q: Mr. Secretary, given the success of IFOR in implementing the Bosnian peaceagreement, would you support or offer a large contingent of U.S. troops likethat for any kind of peace proposal which might take place along theIsraeli-Lebanese border?

A: I truly cannot speculate on hypothetical questions about where our troopsmight be deployed. Everything would have to depend on the circumstances: whatthe actual situation on the ground was; who is requesting....

Whenever we have sent troops in the past, it's been where all parties haverequested it.

We would have to consult with Congress. So I really could not give you adefinitive answer to that question.

Thank you very much.

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