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Senate Grills Myers on Defense, Transformation
Review Shifts Transformation to High Gear
Business Initiatives Promote Transformation Goals
Space, Missiles, Cyberspace Changing Military
Joint Force Concept Comes of Age in Afghanistan
Cebrowski is New Director of Force Transformation
Bush Calls for Military Transformation
Military Must Transform to Meet new Threats
Army Announces Transformation Plan
Air Force Launches Headquarters Transformation
Services Answer Call for New Business Practices
Rumsfeld Reviews Challenges of 2001
Rumsfeld to Chart Military Transformation Course
Flexibility, Adaptability at Heart of Transformation
Myers: Transformation Key to 21st Century War
Rumsfeld Plans Transformation Talk at Pentagon
Military Works to Meet Transformation Goals
Allies Must Modernize, U.S., NATO Leaders Say
NATO Addresses Need to Equip Forces for Future
Transformation Czar: Change U.S. Military Now
Rumsfeld: Transformation Critical to Success
Rumsfeld: Transformation Vital to Global Stability
Demystifying 'Transformation'
Myers Describes Value of Transformation
Rumsfeld: NATO Needs to Transform Its Military
Rumsfeld: U.S., NATO Gird For Future Threats
NATO: Adapting To Meet 21st Century Threats
Countering 21st Century Enemies
Pace: Planning Guidance Will Reshape Military
Summit Puts NATO Transformation in High Gear
Transformation More Than Basic Modernization
Transformation a Common Theme
Senate Members Back Defense Transformation
Chairman Takes Message to Industry Forum
War and Transformation: The U.S. Military's Story
Rumsfeld: DoD Transformation Still on Track
Wolfowitz: Transformation Means Profound Change
Transformation Tough, Important and Progressing
Bush Calls New Generation to Great Challenges
NATO Evolving to Meet 21st Century Threats
Rumsfeld Praises NATO's Transformation
DoD Launches New Transformation Web Site
Comptroller's Vision Helps Advance Transformation
Cebrowski Sketches the Face of Transformation
DoD Looks at Stability, Reconstruction Force
Transformation: Why You Should Care
New Generation Faces New Kind of War
Transformation Begins With Leadership
Myers Stresses Transformation in War on Terror
Web Site Seeks 'Transformation in Action' Stories
Transformation Key in Winning War on Terror
Jointness Vital in Transforming Training
Cold War Space Approach Must Change
DoD Transforms Business Practices, Standards
Transformational Accomplishments are Cited
Transformation Requires Business, Cultural Change
Battlefield Metrics Key in Transformation Effort
How People Think Fuels Transformation
Commanders Need Adaptive, Agile Forces
Myers: Changing Culture Key to Transformation
Transformation Moving NATO Into 21st Century
Global Posture Part and Parcel of Transformation
Myers Talks Transformation, Terror War at Forum
Cebrowski: DoD Transformation Here to Stay
Army Transformation Drives Biggest Change
Budget Emphasizes Present, Future Capabilities
Teamwork, Technology Drive Transformation
Navy Keeps Eye on Future Force
Army Strength Adequate for Transformation
Battle Highlights Marine, Joint Capabilities
Joint Information/Training System Debuts
Terror War Promotes Transformation Concepts
Transformation Means Making New Rules
Industry Critical in Bringing Capabilities
Communication, Information Integration Key
Transformation Efforts to Include Languages
Installations Transform to Support Jointness
U.S. Strategic Command Transforming
Networkcentric Warfare Makes Efficient Warfight
Researchers Give Congress Glimpse of Future
MP School Infuses Combat Realism into Training
Coast Guard Ready to Meet Security
Quadrennial Defense Review Process Revs Up
'Families First' to Transform Personal Moves
Defense Officials Answer BRAC List Questions
Leaders Encourage CNO to Continue Change
QDR Will Reflect Tomorrow's Challenges
Army Announces Repositioning Plans
Rumsfeld Lauds Air Force in Adapting to Fight
Army to Implement Virtual Family Groups
New Technologies Boost Language Training
Force Speeds New Technology to Front
Unmanned Aircraft Capabilities Expanding in War
BRAC Panel Begins Final Deliberations
Commission Wraps Up BRAC Decisions
Transformation Means Less Stress on Soldiers
Transformation Office to Streamline Health
President Sends BRAC Report to Congress
DoD Adopts Practices to Manage Supplies
Pace Guidance to Help 'Shape the Future'
Rumsfeld Shares Transformation Philosophy
Business Transformation Plan Addresses Pay
Personnel System's Final Regs Sent to Congress
Intelligence Official Releases Blueprint
Officials Confident in Civilian Personnel System
Decisions Today Will Give Edge for Tommorrow
DoD to Begin Closures, Realignments
NSPS Implementation Date Moves to Feb. 1
Senior Leaders Discuss QDR Topics
Army's Transformation Was in the Making
BRAC Implementation Plan on Schedule
Senior Leaders Focus on Urban Fight
A B O U T    U S

This site provides information to the American people and military service members about the policies and programs regarding the Defense Department's transformation initiative, and it also provides substantive information to government policy makers, journalists and members of international allied military services.


The Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on the United States accelerated the need to transform to better meet the challenges of the 21st century, thus, sustain American competitive advantage in warfare.

Transformation is foremost a continuing process that does not have an end point. It is meant to create or anticipate the future. Transformation is meant to deal with the co-evolution of concepts, processes, organizations and technology. Change in any one of these areas necessitates change in all.

Transformation is meant to create new competitive areas and new competencies. It is meant to identify, leverage and even create new underlying principles for the way things are done. Transformation is meant to identify and leverage new sources of power. The overall objective of these changes is simply – sustained American competitive advantage in warfare.


New weapons systems and state-of-the-art technology are important parts of the Defense Department’s transformation, but the key to the process is the people involved.

Most of the ongoing transformational process is cultural, thus, people are necessary for changing the ways the military operates. Commanders cannot be threatened when subordinates have new ideas, but rather need to encourage new ideas and give subordinates the room and budget to try those ideas out.

In a culture such as the military, change is a constant. But transformation represents a shift in fundamental rules. That type of shift is not always a comfortable experience for everyone involved. Once the shift has been recognized and made, however, comfort zones return.

Joint Forces Command Provides Global Force Sourcing
Top Commanders, Pentagon Chiefs Discuss QDR, Other Issues
Changing Face of War Means Morphing Guard, Reserve
Missile Defense Program Moves Forward
Commanders: Special Forces Must Evolve to Meet New Challenges
Building Capabilities Key to Defense of Future, Rumsfeld Says
Netcentric Operations Provide DoD With Agility
Start Date for New Personnel System Pushed Back Three Months
Better Jointness Needed Between Military and Diplomats, Rice Says
QDR Dominated by Uncertain, Unpredictable World
Rumsfeld: Military Prepared for 21st Century Challenges
Bush Stresses Gains Made in Military Transformation
Marine Corps Special Ops Will Add to Military Capability
DoD to Build Upon Existing Counter-WMD Capabilities
Quadrennial Review a 'Snapshot,' Not a Revelation
QDR Provides Vectors for Defense Transformation
Transformed Battlefield Medical Care Saves Lives
Air Force Staff Restructures to Improve Joint Ops, Communication
Military Health System Headed To Joint Future
Military Health Transformation Will Improve Care, Official Says
QDR: 'Adjustments, Arrangements to Protect Americans,' Rumsfeld Says
BRAC Will Facilitate Medical Transformation, Official Says
Army to Ensure Reserve Components Fully Manned, Trained, Equipped
Outgoing Commander Explains Transformation of U.S.-Korean Alliance
Military Reorganization Continues After Hurricane Katrina
QDR Will Help Military Meet Challenges, England Says
Quadrennial Review Allows DoD to Make 'Vector Changes'
Bush Cites DoD Internet Development in Promoting U.S. Innovation
DoD Releases QDR to Chart Way Ahead to Confront Future
Army Reserve Restructuring for Future Challenges
Budget Request Focuses on Irregular Warfare, Transformation
Armies Working to Define Role of Future Senior NCOs
Rumsfeld Speaks on Process Behind Budget, QDR
NATO Transformation, Operations on Tap for Meeting
Jones Details NATO Missions, Transformation
DoD Personnel Strategy Changing to Meet Mission Needs
New Personnel System Presents Opportunity, Program Officer Says
Guard, Reserve Aim to Become More Mobile Forces
Multinational Experiment Will Yield Real Change, Officials Say
Army Modernizing to Win Long War, Officials Tell Congress
Military Needs Flexibility to Fight Terror, Rumsfeld Says
National Guard Transformation 'Remarkable,' Chief Says
Soldiers Must Be Adaptive for Future, Army Chief Says
Reagan Carrier Strike Group Launches First Air Missions
DoD Lawyers to Review Judge's Block of New Personnel System
Pentagon to Appeal Court Ruling Against New Personnel System
New Personnel System to Benefit All in DoD, Deputy Says
CENTCOM Team Engages 'Bloggers'
Defense Leader Thanks Lawmakers for Support of Special Ops Forces
Integrated Cyber Network Will Save Lives, DoD Official Says
DoD to Set Up Joint Intelligence Operations Centers Worldwide
Joint Forces Command Brings Efficiency to Deployment Cycles
U.S. Army Activates First Interrogation Battalion
Multinational Transformation Conference Keys on Partnership
Science Board to Study Internet's Impact on Military Ops
Intelligence Center Coordinates Central Command Efforts
DoD, OPM to Appeal Civilian Personnel System Ruling
Army Reserve Changing to Meet Challenges
New Civilian Personnel System Set to Kick Off April 30
Coalition Cell Develops 'Actionable Intelligence'
Civilian Leaders Wowed by USS Ronald Reagan's Capabilities
Deputy Defense Secretary Signs New Personnel System Into Effect
Joint Public Affairs Element Improves Military Communication
Joint Forces Command Focusing on Current, Future Operations
Conference Addresses Issues Raised by 2005 BRAC Results
BRAC Conference Focuses on Both Downsizing, Growth
Guard Demonstrating Versatility, Capability, Chief Says
Rumsfeld: Adjusting Relationships Key in Today's World
Technology Helps BRAC 2005 Environmental Efforts, Official Says
Transportation Command Transforming to Meet Warfighters' Needs
DoD, Congress Making Progress on Tricare Changes
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