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NEWS – MARCH 2006     
3/31/2006 Intel Ops Becoming More Joint, Responsive to Warfighter Needs
3/31/2006 New DoD Web Site Features Deployment Health Issue Studies
3/30/2006 New Threats Demand New Approach to Deterrence, Defense
3/30/2006 DoD Committed to Stopping Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction
3/30/2006 Military Health System Transforming to Address New Challenges
3/30/2006 Entry Into New Civilian Personnel System to Mean Slight Pay Hike for Most
3/29/2006 DoD Works to Save Lives on Battlefield, Improve Talent Pool
3/29/2006 Unmanned Predator Kills Three Terrorists; Relative Turns in Suspect
3/28/2006 DoD to Award $11.5 Million for Science and Engineering Research
3/28/2006 Afghanistan, Iraq Lessons Learned Part of Joint War Game
3/24/2006 Nontraditional Fighter Missions Provide Eyes in the Sky
3/24/2006 U.S. Joint Forces Command Releases Iraqi Perspectives Report
3/23/2006 Joint Force Elements Improve Crisis Response, Combat Operations
3/23/2006 New Tool Helps Service Components Manage Bi-Lateral Logistics Agreements
3/22/2006 Missile Defense System Ties Many Elements Together
3/21/2006 Missile Defense Technology Valid, Viable, General Says
3/17/2006 National Intelligence Changing to Meet 21st Century Needs
3/17/2006 U.S. Joint Forces Command Takes Industry Award for Wireless Network Efforts
3/16/2006 Army's Modular Force Makes Debut in Afghanistan
3/16/2006 Advanced Concept and Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations Announced
3/16/2006 U.S. Joint Forces Command Takes on stability Operations in Complex Urban Terrain in Experiment
3/15/2006 Threats Abound, 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review Will Help U.S. Meet Them, England Says
3/15/2006 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review Allows Options, Capabilities Against Asymmetric Threat
3/14/2006 U.S. Special Operations Command Transforming to Lead Global War on Terrorism
3/13/2006 Biometric Data Keeps Captured Terrorists Behind Bars
3/13/2006 Current Ops Helping Bolster Joint Training Emphasis
3/12/2006 U.S. Army Must Change to Remain Relevant, General Says
3/11/2006 Leaders Outline Force Structure Changes
3/10/2006 Vice Chiefs Report Status of Reserve-Forces Transformation
3/10/2006 Squadron Homecoming Marks End of Era for Tomcats
3/10/2006 U.S. Joint Forces Command Provides Continuum of Training on Evolving Concepts
3/9/2006 Conventional Missile System to Provide Diverse, Rapid Capabilities
3/8/2006 NATO 'Reinventing' Itself, General Says
3/8/2006 Special Operations Forces 'Play a Leading Role' in Terror Fight
3/8/2006 Quadrennial Defense Review Emphasizes International Alliances
3/7/2006 Multinational Experiment Lessons Already Benefiting Coalition Operations
3/6/2006 'New NATO' Will Reach Important Milestones in 2006, General Says
3/6/2006 DoD to Enroll 11,000 Civilians Into New Personnel System in April
3/2/2006 New Personnel System to Benefit All in DoD, Deputy Says
3/1/2006 Joint Futures Laboratory Shares Day of Multinational Experiment
3/30/2006 DoD Program Keeps Employers, Reservists on Track
3/24/2006 Battlefield Kitchens Ready for Rapid Deployments
3/23/2006 Army, Air Force Announce Joint Cargo Aircraft Program
3/14/2006 U.S. Army Stands Up Asymmetric Warfare Group
3/7/2006 U.S. Army Secretary Orders Army-Wide Business Transformation
3/6/2006 U.S. Army Unit Status Reports Move Online
3/3/2006 U.S. Army Writes New Counterinsurgency Field Manual
3/1/2006 U.S. Army 20007 Budget Boosts Future Combat Systems, Irregular Warfare
3/31/2006 Atlantic Strike III Provides Realistic Deployment Training
3/31/2006 Air Force Finds Cost Savings for Raptor with Multi-Year Purchasing
3/30/2006 Air Force, Army to Purchase Small Cargo Aircraft
3/30/2006 Airmen Work Smarter, not Harder with Smart Ops 21
3/30/2006 New Process Centralizes Active Duty Enlisted Retraining
3/30/2006 Pioneer Honored, Treated to F-22A Simulator Ride
3/30/2006 Program Reduces Maintenance Time for B-2 Bomber
3/30/2006 First Unmanned Global Hawk Delivered to U.S. Navy
3/29/2006 Space Mission Supports Operation Iraqi Freedom
3/29/2006 Joint Flight Nurse Course Benefits Military Medicine
3/29/2006 Bases Selected for Health and Safety Initiative
3/28/2006 Predators Deliver Data, Firepower in Iraq
3/28/2006 U.S. Air Force Improves One Process at a Time with Smart Ops 21
3/28/2006 Ramstein’s Transformation Edging Toward Fruition
3/28/2006 Kingpins Use Blend of Old, New Technology to Counter Threats
3/28/2006 Flying, Fighting in Space Important to Air Force
3/28/2006 Collaboration Improves Solar Storm Forecasting
3/28/2006 Center Adapts Technology for F-35 Wind Tunnel Tests
3/28/2006 Engine Tests Continue for Spirit Stealth Bomber
3/28/2006 Air Force Materiel Command to Track Smart Operations
3/27/2006 Maintainers Multi-Task to Keep C-17 Globemasters Safe
3/24/2006 Air Force Releases Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Strategic Vision
3/24/2006 Commanders Drive Final Rivets into Travis C-17 Globemaster
3/24/2006 Air Mobility Command, 18th Air Force to Refine Warfighting Construct
3/24/2006 Small Diameter Bomb Provides Big Capabilities
3/24/2006 New Airman Battle Uniform is Ready for Production
3/22/2006 Program Streamlines Training for IMAs
3/22/2006 Commander Wins Federal Information Technology Award
3/21/2006 Nuclear Weapons Center to Open at Kirtland Air Force Base
3/21/2006 CV-22 Osprey Delivered to U.S. Air Force
3/21/2006 New Customer Support Centers Make Life Simpler
3/21/2006 C-17 Globemasters Would Help USAFE’s Air Mobility Business
3/20/2006 Joint Strike Fighter Program Crucial to Future Air Dominance
3/20/2006 C-17 Globemaster Surpasses its 1 Millionth Flying Hour
3/20/2006 Osprey Simulator Provides Motion Training
3/20/2006 Team Pushes 'Smart' Process, Culture Change
3/17/2006 Responsive, Affordable Satellite enhances Support to Warfighter
3/17/2006 Joint Direct Attack Munition Continues to be Warfighter's Weapon of Choice
3/17/2006 U.S. Central Command Air Forces Commander Shares Vision for Future Force
3/17/2006 Airman Battle Uniform Finalized, Ready for Production
3/16/2006 First Air Force Dive Course Graduates 17 Airmen
3/16/2006 Largest Ever F-16 Modernization program Enhances Aircraft
3/15/2006 Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Speaks about Future Changes
3/14/2006 Process Improvement Benefits Customers
3/9/2006 Weather Information Delivered to Warfighter Faster with Integration
3/9/2006 Electronic Initiative Gets Critical Information to Commanders
3/9/2006 New Super Computers Validate Center's Super Research
3/9/2006 Next Generation Cruise Missile Meets Warfighters' Needs
3/9/2006 Newest Operational Security Tool Shreds Paper
3/9/2006 National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex Set to Reopen
3/9/2006 U.S. Air Force Committs to Energy-Efficient Strategies
3/9/2006 Remote Automated Weather Stations Online Again
3/9/2006 U.S. Air Force Seeks New Refueler Aircraft
3/8/2006 U.S. Air Force Secretary Focuses on Smart Operations 21
3/7/2006 U.S. Air Force Takes Lead on Tri-Service Installation
3/7/2006 U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate Corps Streamlines Operations
3/7/2006 U.S. Air Force Gets First Combat Configured CV-22 Osprey
3/3/2006 Class Selected for Cyber Security Boot Camp
3/3/2006 Center Charting 'Smart' Course with Blue Teams
3/2/2006 Global Positioning System Helps Warfighters Track ‘Bad Guys’
3/2/2006 Commander Declares 2006 Rebirth of Space and Missile Systems Center
3/2/2006 U.S. Air Force Leader Explains Force Shaping to Congress
3/2/2006 U.S. Air Force Releases 2006 Posture Statement
3/2/2006 Personnel Actions Transform Online
3/1/2006 Big Leap Forward in Detecting Ground Targets from Cosmos
3/1/2006 Guard Tests World’s First Multi-Person Rescue Basket
3/1/2006 U.S. Air Force Announces Preferred F-22A Raptor Locations
3/1/2006 Commentary: Embracing 'Lighter and Leaner' Change
3/31/2006 Military Sealift Command Europe Gets New Name
3/29/2006 New Dental Dressing Simplifies Dental Care for Deployed Personnel
3/23/2006 Naval Air Training Aligns with Naval Air Forces
3/23/2006 Navy Helping Sailors Save Money, Environment
3/17/2006 SHIPTRAIN Changes Bring Benefits to Fleet Sailors
3/16/2006 USS George Washington Sailors Test AirSpeed Program
3/13/2006 USS Bonhomme Richard Upgrades Chemical, Biological and Radiological Protection System
3/12/2006 Naval Sea Systems Command Scientists, Engineers Generate Students' Enthusiasm in Math, Science
3/9/2006 Services Unite to Frame Joint Tactics, Integrate Joint Fires
3/9/2006 USS Scranton Submarine Completes Successful Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Test
3/8/2006 USS Junea Sailors Kick Off ‘Crews Into Shape’ Program
3/8/2006 Naval Surface Warfare Center Engineers Deliver Combat Readiness to USS Ronald Reagan
3/7/2006 New Command Master Chief Spouse Leadership Course Established
3/6/2006 Naval Sea Systems Command Sponsors Summer Naval Surface Ship Design Program at University of Michigan
3/2/2006 New Navy Working Uniform and Service Uniform Concepts Approved
3/1/2006 Navy Submarine Force Prepares for Compliance with Requirement to Retain Plastic Waste
3/1/2006 New Opportunities for Sailors to Sit in the Cockpit
3/1/2006 Center for Naval Leadership Revamps Leadership Courses
3/31/2006 Provost Marshal's Office Tests New Chariot
3/30/2006 New Marine Online Program Helps Manage Corps Careers
3/22/2006 First Female Flies MV-22 Osprey in Historic Flight
3/17/2006 Exercise Foal Eagle Embarkation Runs Smoothly, More Efficient
3/15/2006 New Training Video game Helps Fight the War on Substance Abuse
3/7/2006 First Operational MV-22 Osprey Squadron Activates
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