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NEWS – APRIL 2006     
4/28/2006 Joint Public Affairs Element Improves Military Communication
4/28/2006 Deputy Defense Secretary Signs New Personnel System Into Effect
4/27/2006 Defense Department Works to Improve Active, Reserve, Civilian Workforce
4/26/2006 Coalition Cell Develops 'Actionable Intelligence'
4/26/2006 New Civilian Personnel System Set to Kick Off April 30
4/25/2006 Civilians Test Out New Rollover Trainer
4/21/2006 Army Reserve Changing to Meet Challenges
4/21/2006 Defense Department Creates Defense Spectrum Organization
4/19/2006 DoD, OPM to Appeal Civilian Personnel System Ruling
4/19/2006 Intelligence Center Coordinates Central Command Efforts
4/18/2006 Leaders Meet to Discuss Transformation
4/17/2006 Science Board to Study Internet's Impact on Military Ops
4/17/2006 Multinational Transformation Conference Keys on Partnership
4/17/2006 Army Activates First Interrogation Battalion
4/14/2006 Joint Forces Command Brings Efficiency to Deployment Cycles
4/14/2006 Medical Command Upgrades Healthcare in Europe
4/12/2006 Defense Department to Set Up Joint Intelligence Operations Centers Worldwide
4/12/2006 Defense Department Website Links Service Members to Deployment Medical Research
4/10/2006 Joint Technology Exploration Center Opens
4/7/2006 Navy Designates Next-Generation Zumwalt Destroyer
4/6/2006 Defense Department Official: Rudimentary Missile Defense System in Place
4/6/2006 Integrated Cyber Network Will Save Lives, DoD Official Says
4/6/2006 Hiring Initiative Allows IED Survivors to Fight Back
4/6/2006 Top Defense Official Discusses Net-Centric and Integrated Operations
4/5/2006 Increased Interagency Cooperation Vital in Global War on Terrorism
4/5/2006 Defense Leader Thanks Lawmakers for Support of Special Ops Forces
4/5/2006 Liveblogging Industry Symposium 2006 - Day 2
4/4/2006 Liveblogging Industry Symposium 2006 - Day 1
4/4/2006 Military, Industry Must Work Together to Win Long War, General Says
4/3/2006 Wargame Explores Urban Warfare
4/28/2006 New Technology Protects GIs, Seaports Against Attack
4/26/2006 U.S. Army Commits to Best Protection
4/24/2006 Troops Enjoy Hot Beverage Bag with Less Mess
4/21/2006 Simulator Brings Realism to Virtual Combat
4/20/2006 Army Advances Alternative Energy Technologies
4/19/2006 U.S. Army Evaluates New Fitness Program
4/19/2006 U.S. Army Command Change Marks New Era
4/18/2006 Unified Quest to Test Future Concepts, Capabilities
4/11/2006 Line-of-Sight Program Improves Training, Range Construction
4/11/2006 Stryker Troops Train in Korea
4/10/2006 Leaders Glance at Future of Army Business
4/3/2006 U.S. Army Bans Commercial Body Armor
4/28/2006 Researchers Focus on Spacecraft Power Storage
4/27/2006 Combined Air and Space Operations Center Delivers Battlespace Awareness to Warfighters
4/27/2006 Los Angeles Air Force Base Dedicates New Schriever Space Complex
4/27/2006 Loadmasters Use New Parachute Jettison Device
4/27/2006 Mine Area Clearance Vehicle Converts for Remote Operations
4/26/2006 Professional, Personal Education Key to Air Force Future
4/25/2006 Air Force Issues Request for Information on Tanker Recapitalization
4/25/2006 Experiment Focuses on Battle Operations, Communications
4/25/2006 Innovations Renew Worn Aircraft Parts
4/24/2006 Firefighters Test Gear for U.S. Air Force
4/24/2006 Combat Balloon to Improve Communications
4/24/2006 Air Force Audit Agency to Work Under New Personnel System
4/21/2006 Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures Program Earns Award
4/20/2006 Initiative Enhances Air Force Special Operations
4/20/2006 F-22 Raptor Flight Tests Missile Noise, Vibration
4/20/2006 New Online Appraisal System Tracks Wellness
4/19/2006 Web Saves Time, Money for Civil Engineer Directorate
4/19/2006 Pods Help Warfighters Improve Air Combat Maneuvers
4/18/2006 Team Tests Pod at 'LITENING' Speed
4/18/2006 U.S. Air Force Modifies F-22 Raptor for New Era
4/17/2006 New Radio Technology Keeps Troops in Touch
4/14/2006 Hickam C-17 Globemaster Crews Learn Lean Concepts
4/14/2006 Physical Therapy Program Confers First Doctoral Degrees
4/13/2006 Eielson Unit's Initiate Total Force Integration
4/13/2006 Internet Technology Improves Air Combat Capabilities
4/12/2006 U.S. Air Force Implements BRAC Decisions
4/12/2006 Missile Defense Site Named after President Reagan
4/12/2006 Space Superiority a Priority for Air Force Authority
4/12/2006 'Virtual Commissary' Expands Product Selection
4/11/2006 Air Force Announces New Call Center Locations
4/11/2006 'My Stuff' Tracks Status of Airmen Requests
4/11/2006 Research Laboratory Supports Rapid Access to Space
4/11/2006 Research Benefits Warfighters and Air Traffic Controllers
4/7/2006 Electronic Systems Center's Rapid Improvement Event Speeds up Hiring Process
4/5/2006 Automated Security System to Go 'On Duty' in Iraq -- Again
4/5/2006 GPS Signal Enhances Navigation, Timing
4/4/2006 Computer Logon Changes to Improve Security
4/3/2006 Air Force Innovators Unite at "Knowledge Area" Website
4/3/2006 New Center Provides Single Contact for Mobility Air Forces
4/3/2006 Unmanned SkyTote Demonstrates Capabilities
4/28/2006 Civilian Leaders Wowed by USS Ronald Reagan's Capabilities
4/27/2006 Navy to Base First Four Littoral Combat Ships in San Diego
4/27/2006 Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Expands, Needs Recruits
4/19/2006 Soybean Biodiesel Fuel Used at Team Crane
4/18/2006 Midshipmen Battle Invisible Enemy in Cyber Defense Exercise
4/17/2006 AIRSpeed Streamlines Maintenance, Increases Readiness, Quality of Life
4/17/2006 Navy Announces Environmental Awards, New Programs for 2006 Earth Day
4/14/2006 Leader Talks Guard, Reserve Transformation
4/12/2006 First-Ever Conference to Share Vision of Future Workforce
4/6/2006 Virtual Reality Used For Training on Drunk Driving
4/5/2006 First Family Fitness Program Opens at Oceana
4/4/2006 Navy Names New Littoral Combat Ship
4/1/2006 Stryker Trophy System Destroys RPGs at First U.S. Live-Fire Tests
4/26/2006 GPS-Guided Parachutes Increase Safety in Resupply
4/21/2006 Marines Get Familiar with New, Improved Tents
4/13/2006 Civilians Prepare to Take Military Police Mission
4/10/2006 New Course Helps Broaden Reach of Training
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