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NEWS – MAY 2006     
5/31/2006 Standardization Program Presents Annual Achievement Awards
5/30/2006 Cooperative Research and Development Agreement Helps Face Urban Fight
5/30/2006 Memorandum of Arrangement Improves International Partnership
5/26/2006 Agreements to Enhance U.S., British Forces Interoperability
5/25/2006 Committee Reviewing Military Compensation System
5/24/2006 Planners Meet Globally without Leaving their Desks
5/22/2006 Defense Planners Eye Unified Medical Command Concept
5/19/2006 Multinational Experiment is a Success, General Says
5/17/2006 U.S., Australia Agree to Increase Counterterrorism Cooperation
5/12/2006 DoD, Congress Making Progress on Tricare Changes
5/12/2006 Teenagers Inspire Knowledge Management Process
5/10/2006 Leader Addresses Transformation of Joint Forces at Industry Conference
5/9/2006 Transportation Command Transforming to Meet Warfighters' Needs
5/5/2006 Technology Helps BRAC 2005 Environmental Efforts, Official Says
5/4/2006 Rumsfeld: Adjusting Relationships Key in Today's World
5/4/2006 National Guard, Reserves Fully Integrated Into Force, Leaders Say
5/4/2006 Guard Demonstrating Versatility, Capability, Chief Says
5/4/2006 Installations, Defense Groups Honored for Environmental Achievements
5/3/2006 Conference Addresses Issues Raised by 2005 BRAC Results
5/3/2006 BRAC Conference Focuses on Both Downsizing, Growth
5/2/2006 Walter Reed to Continue Legacy at New Location, General Says
5/2/2006 Joint Forces Command Focusing on Current, Future Operations
5/30/2006 U.S. Army Shifts Training Focus to Stryker Teams
5/24/2006 Civil Affairs Psychological Command Realigns from Special Operations Command to Army Reserve Command
5/19/2006 Soldiers Find Bulletproof Jacket Is Also Flotation Device
5/15/2006 Combat Feeding Directorate Improves Meals
5/15/2006 Cavalry Regiment the First to Fire Tank-Mounted CROWS
5/11/2006 New Web Site Provide Essential Composite Risk Management Tools
5/11/2006 Researchers Make Progress with Robotic Telesurgery
5/9/2006 Stryker Ramps up to Unveil Mobile Gun System
5/8/2006 Army Aviation Warfighting Center Assumes Unmanned Aircraft System Training Mission
5/3/2006 Researchers Discover Possible Anti-Cancer Treatment
5/2/2006 Leaders Face Future Threats with Unified Quest
5/2/2006 Space-Age Drinking Water System Tested
5/1/2006 Army Career and Alumni Program Online Offers Tailored Transition Assistance
5/31/2006 Leaders Hold Key to Air Force Smart Operations 21 Success
5/31/2006 Globemaster Moves Australian Cargo Quickly, Safely
5/31/2006 New Fuels System Saves Air Force Time, Money
5/31/2006 Air Force Smart Operations 21 Initiative Leads to Safer Flying at Lakenheath
5/30/2006 Air Force Smart Operations 21 Crucial to Achieve New Vision
5/25/2006 Grants to Accelerate Research Efforts
5/25/2006 Raptors Find New Nest in Alaska
5/25/2006 Weather-Tracking Satellite Launches Successfully
5/24/2006 Kenney Headquarters Maximizes Support to Joint Warfighters
5/23/2006 Robotic Vehicle Helps Clear Minefields
5/23/2006 Air Force Launches Civilian Self-Service System
5/22/2006 IT Modernization Leverages Power of Information
5/22/2006 Technology Improvements Keep Information Flowing to Warfighter
5/22/2006 New Engine Repair Shop Saves Time, Money
5/19/2006 New Extended Range Cruise Missile Takes First Flight Test
5/18/2006 Equipment Interoperability Dazzles at Air Show
5/18/2006 New Service Dress Prototypes Pique Interest
5/17/2006 Center Deploys Acquisition Risk Tool
5/16/2006 Modification Kits to Improve B-1 Combat Capability
5/16/2006 Air Force Flexibility on Display in Iraq and Afghanistan
5/16/2006 U.S. Opens Berlin Air Show with ‘Spirit’
5/15/2006 Scientist Recognized for Electronic Transformation
5/15/2006 Global Hawk Completes Wet Runway Test
5/15/2006 Alternate Fuel-Powered B-52 to Fly in September
5/11/2006 Leader Discusses Innovative Efforts to Fight Terrorists
5/11/2006 CARR Initiative Seeks Safer Work Environments
5/11/2006 Smart Operations 21 Office Formed at Pentagon
5/10/2006 Raptors to Bring Air Superiority to Northern Edge 2006
5/10/2006 Air Force Plans for Cleaner, Greener Future
5/9/2006 Electronic Systems Group Tests Next Generation Radar
5/8/2006 Air Force Research Laboratory Awards Scholarships
5/5/2006 Franz Edelman Award Recognizes Streamlining Efforts
5/5/2006 Logistics Center Accesses Technology Through Partnership
5/5/2006 Predator Maintenance Team is a ‘Total Force’
5/5/2006 Center Creates Single Focal Point for Civilian Personnel
5/3/2006 National Intelligence Makes Strides in First Year
5/2/2006 Eglin's Lean Event Improves Contract Process
5/1/2006 Satellite Provides Vital Information to Military
5/1/2006 Collaborative Tools Assist Initiatives During Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2006
5/1/2006 Air Force Automates Training Records Process
5/27/2006 U.S. Navy Ship Mercy Expands Navy Medicine Technology
5/27/2006 Center of Excellence Helps Forward Deployed Sailors
5/26/2006 Southeast Regional Operations Center Open for Business
5/25/2006 First at-Sea Demonstration of Sea-Based Terminal Capability Successfully Completed
5/23/2006 Ronald Reagan's Sailors Lead the Way with New Approach to Course
5/22/2006 Navy's Newest Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron Commissioned
5/19/2006 PCU Texas Submarine Returns From Sea Trials
5/18/2006 Navy Networks Implement Mandatory Common Access Card Log-On
5/16/2006 Center Disestablishes, Merges with Navy Personnel Command
5/12/2006 Deputy Surgeon General Talks Future of Air Force Medicine
5/7/2006 Swift Provides Quick Delivery in North Persian Gulf
5/3/2006 Midshipmen to Test Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Designs
5/3/2006 Spouse Leadership Course Officially Underway
5/25/2006 'Moto' Mail Connects Marines with Family
5/22/2006 Marine Gunners Safer, See Better With New Turrets
5/12/2006 Online Machine Gun Course Strengthens 10th Marines
5/12/2006 Division Marines Depart for Cobra Gold Aboard High Speed Vessel
5/10/2006 Mechanics Maintain Unmanned Aircraft
5/8/2006 Technology Connects Deployed Parents and Their Children
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