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NEWS – JULY 2006     
7/28/2006 ‘Check It’ Campaign Says Do the Job Right
7/28/2006 Assessment Tests Global Command and Control
7/28/2006 Contract to Support Joint Fires Improvement
7/26/2006 Unmanned Aircraft Give Added Capability
7/24/2006 Air Guard Transforms to Meet Dual Role
7/19/2006 Army Moves Toward Joint, Capable Aircraft
7/19/2006 Director Talks Training Transformation Progress
7/18/2006 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Seeks to Develop Military Aviation Biofuel
7/12/2006 Missile Defense Agency Hits Milestone with Mobile Launcher
7/11/2006 Evolutionary Training to Provide Joint Knowledge
7/7/2006 Army Provides 'Unprecedented' Mental-Health Support to Troops
7/7/2006 Joint Strike Fighter Rolled Out, Named Lightning II
7/5/2006 Jet Fuel Receipt Point Facility to Realign
7/3/2006 Partnership Helps Protect North America
7/28/2006 Cooks Puts New Mobile Kitchen to Test
7/25/2006 Recruitment Transforms to Get the Best
7/24/2006 National Program Transitions Servicemembers
7/20/2006 Army Unveils Information Technology Display
7/20/2006 Lean Six Sigma Improves Reduces Expenses
7/12/2006 New Thermal Test Facility to Improve Research
7/12/2006 New U.S. Army Civilian Corps to Embody Commitment
7/5/2006 U.S. Army Transforms Personnel Management
7/31/2006 Handbook Helps Get Weapons to Warfighter Faster
7/31/2006 Airmen Discuss Uniform Changes at Pentagon
7/30/2006 New Knowledge May Advance Medical Care
7/30/2006 New Aggressor Unit to Activate in Alaska
7/27/2006 New Radio Enhances F-15 Jet Fighter
7/26/2006 New Long-range Bomber on Horizon for 2018
7/26/2006 Requirements Met for F-22 Raptor Funding
7/26/2006 Air Force Notes Force-shaping Initiatives
7/24/2006 Globemasters Assist American Departure
7/24/2006 Lifelike Simulated Patients Enhance Training
7/24/2006 Researchers Discuss Insect-Size Aircraft
7/24/2006 Academy Incorporates Experience into Course
7/23/2006 Squadron Takes on Smart Operations Challenge
7/21/2006 Training Command Gets CV-22 Osprey
7/21/2006 C-17 Globemasters Bring Supplies to Americans in Lebanon
7/21/2006 Computer Chip Demonstrates Data Storage in Cosmos
7/21/2006 Composite Technology to Improve Tactical Shelters
7/20/2006 C-17 Globemasters Aid Efforts in Lebanon
7/20/2006 Vandenberg Launches Minuteman Missile
7/19/2006 Engineers Test Aircraft Beyond Virtual Reality
7/19/2006 Rocket Technology Tests Achieve Milestone
7/18/2006 C-17 Globemaster Arrival Marks Successful Transformation
7/18/2006 Exercise Reflects Smart Operations Strategy
7/18/2006 Arnold Engineering Development Center Performs Mission Critical Tests on F-35
7/18/2006 First British Pilot to Complete Raptor Training
7/17/2006 Report Describes Unmanned Predator Accident
7/17/2006 Laboratory Saves Money with Smart Operations
7/16/2006 Cameras Help Forecast Sun-generated Storms
7/14/2006 Oregon Stratotanker Unit Begins Drawdown
7/13/2006 Air Force, Army Say Networks will be Similar
7/13/2006 Air Force Uniform Board to Release Updates
7/13/2006 Lakenheath Tests Small-diameter Bombs
7/13/2006 Second Phase of Personnel System to Begin
7/12/2006 Directorate Reaches Initial Operational Capability
7/11/2006 Battlefield Innovators Adapt to Evolving Enemy
7/10/2006 C-17 Deployment Length, Efficiency Increase
7/10/2006 Space Support Key to Earthly Mission Success
7/9/2006 Research to Improve Command and Control
7/7/2006 Joint Strike Fighter Named 'Lightning II'
7/7/2006 Institute Linked to Past, Future of Space Program
7/6/2006 Wavelets May Help Analysts Make Decisions
7/6/2006 Center Conducts Design of Experiments Course
7/5/2006 High-Tech Overhaul Expands Capabilities
7/5/2006 Air Force Reorganizes Network Operations
7/3/2006 Avionics Modernization Program Underway
7/3/2006 Falcon Supercomputer to Solve Problems
7/3/2006 Air Force Proposes Future Aircraft Locations
7/29/2006 Navy Names Combat Logistics Force Ships
7/22/2006 Navy Concept Evolves with Disestablishment
7/19/2006 Ship Streamlines Navy Cash System for Marines
7/18/2006 Real-time System Enhances Communication
7/17/2006 LINK-Perspective Magazine Back in Print as LINK
7/16/2006 Swift Delivery Showcases Versatility, Speed
7/11/2006 Navy Exchanges Now Offer Innovative Fuel Alternatives
7/7/2006 Lincoln Focuses on New Indocrination Course
7/7/2006 Navy COOL Web Site Launches for Sailors
7/6/2006 New Initiatives Help Educate Deployed Sailors
7/27/2006 New X-ray System Aids Postal Marines in Iraq
7/20/2006 U.S. Marines Train for Modern Urban Warfare
7/14/2006 Upgrades, New Equipment Aid Controllers
7/13/2006 Squadron Plays Pivotal Role in Marine Aviation
7/12/2006 Marines ‘Eye’ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Capabilities
7/6/2006 Marine Squadron Wrenches Up Speed, Efficiency
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