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NEWS – AUGUST 2006     
8/29/2006 Efforts Propose Solutions to Improve Capabilites
8/29/2006 Pentagon to Reorganize Policy Office
8/28/2006 Rumsfeld: Missile Defense More Capable
8/25/2006 Technology Boosts Quality of Health System
8/23/2006 Deployment Health Protection Expands
8/23/2006 New Capability to Break Down Language Barriers
8/23/2006 Officials Announce Base Realignment in Germany
8/18/2006 Initial Trial to Improve Urban Warfare
8/17/2006 Center Improves Deployment and Distribution
8/16/2006 Commander Stresses Information Access
8/11/2006 Joint Experimentation Observes Urban Solutions
8/8/2006 Base Hosts Workshop for Wounded Veterans
8/8/2006 Urban Resolve 2015 to Support Warfighters
8/4/2006 Experiment to Improve Convoy Protection
8/3/2006 Warfighters Test Command, Control Tools
8/3/2006 U.S. Joint Forces Command to Start Podcasting News
8/1/2006 New Name Reflects New Scope for Program
8/31/2006 New Brigade Controls Air Operations
8/30/2006 Army Knowledge Web Site Gets New Look
8/29/2006 Stryker Teams Train with New Vehicles
8/24/2006 Army to Begin Utility Billing at Five Installations
8/23/2006 Army Reaches Transformation Milestone
8/17/2006 Army to Increase Foreign Area Officers
8/16/2006 Army Measures Benefits of Remote Warfare
8/14/2006 Army Launches New Podcasts for Soldiers
8/11/2006 Safety Transformation Decreases Risks, Accidents
8/8/2006 Soldiers Test Body Ventilation System
8/8/2006 New Combat Medic Training to Save Lives
8/3/2006 Researchers Look to Prevent Dental Decay
8/3/2006 Army Expands Childcare Options for Families
8/2/2006 Guard Troops Test Exportable Training System
8/31/2006 Reservists Ready to Fight Wildfires in Pacific Northwest
8/31/2006 Electronic Travel System Improves Process
8/30/2006 Outpatient Clinic Transforms into Hospital
8/29/2006 New Intel Squadron Watches Terrorists
8/25/2006 Researchers and Scientists Review Projects
8/24/2006 Air Force Chief Discusses Transformation
8/23/2006 Products to Revolutionize Weather Forecasts
8/23/2006 Tracking Technology Improves Sustainment
8/22/2006 Small-diameter Bomb Ready for War on Terror
8/22/2006 New Senior Acquisition Executive on Board
8/21/2006 Air Force Senior Leaders Discuss Future Intelligence
8/18/2006 Air Force Launches Profile on
8/17/2006 Space Command Mission Includes New Triad
8/16/2006 Command Prepares for Civilian Reduction
8/16/2006 Air Force Medical Records to Go Electronic
8/16/2006 B-2 Spirit Exceeds Mission Standard
8/16/2006 F22-A Raptor Meets New Challenges
8/16/2006 New Platforms Provide Patients Comfort
8/16/2006 California Air Guard Embraces New Mission
8/16/2006 Massachusetts Gains New Air Guard Unit
8/16/2006 Airdrop System Resupplies Ground Troops
8/15/2006 C-17 Globemaster Aircrew Sees World
8/15/2006 Pilots Flex Skills in Network Centric Warfare
8/15/2006 C-5 Galaxy Modifications Tested on Runway
8/15/2006 Precision Engagement Program Extends A-10 Life
8/14/2006 Smart Operations Breathes Life into Old System
8/10/2006 New Web Portal Helps Airmen With Careers
8/10/2006 Fighter Wing Gains F-35 Training Mission
8/7/2006 Space Brings Invisible Power to the Fight
8/7/2006 Weather Agency Employs New Forecast Model
8/4/2006 F-22 Integrated with Command, Control
8/3/2006 Pacific Air Forces Unveil First F-22 Raptor
8/3/2006 Officials Prepare for F-22 Raptor Arrival
8/3/2006 Personnel Centers Scheduled for Realignment
8/2/2006 FAA Authorizes Predators to Seek Survivors
8/2/2006 Air Force Leaders Talk about Future Efforts
8/2/2006 Coatings Research Could Extend Jet Engine Life
8/2/2006 Global Hawk Shows Valuable Demand
8/1/2006 ROVER Adds Extra Set of Eyes to Sky
8/1/2006 New Utility Uniform on Track for Distribution
8/1/2006 Team Tests Next-Generation Global Hawk with Treatments
8/1/2006 Improvements Deliver Tangible Successes
8/30/2006 Partnership Reduces Hazardous Materials
8/26/2006 SHIPTRAIN Software Earns 'Top 100 Award'
8/25/2006 Partnership Improves Military Housing
8/24/2006 Aircraft Fuel System Expands Capabilities
8/23/2006 Navy to Commission Attack Submarine Texas
8/20/2006 Navy Christens New Makin Island Ship
8/17/2006 Navy to Christen Amphibious Assault Ship
8/11/2006 Hybrid Sailors Train to Man Ship Anytime
8/9/2006 Upgraded Aircraft Goes to Full Production
8/9/2006 Scientists Develop New Emissions Test
8/7/2006 Navy Rolls Out New EA-18G Growler
8/6/2006 USS Halsey Departs on Maiden Deployment
8/25/2006 Auxiliary Security Force Expands Focus
8/22/2006 MV-22 Osprey Carries Transportable Vehicle
8/22/2006 'First to Fight' Tournament Battles Drug Abuse
8/11/2006 Marines Tackle IED Course, Test New Humvees
8/11/2006 Marine Recruiting Creates Profile
8/9/2006 Marines Initiate New, Lightweight Helmet
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