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NEWS – SEPTEMBER 2006     
9/26/2006 Command Works to Meet Joint Warfighter Needs
9/22/2006 Rumsfeld: Military Becomes Stronger, More Capable
9/22/2006 U.S. Transportation Command Receives Transformation Award
9/21/2006 Joint Center to Operationalize Intelligence
9/20/2006 Urban Resolve 2015 Leaders Meet with Media
9/18/2006 'Universal' ID Card Part of Security Upgrades
9/18/2006 Stryker Unit Now Calls Germany 'Home'
9/15/2006 Empire Challenge Evaluates Intelligence
9/12/2006 Bio-Based Products Reduce Dependence
9/7/2006 Wireless Capability Fills Communication Gaps
9/1/2006 Operational Missile Defense Test a Total Success
9/29/2006 Army Knowledge Online Improves 'Search'
9/26/2006 Infantry, Armor NCOs Train Together
9/26/2006 Army to Test General Motor’s Fuel Cell Vehicle
9/22/2006 U.S. Army to Highlight Future Warrior Systems
9/22/2006 New Command Manages Global Communications
9/22/2006 Paratrooper Receives Latest Army Equipment
9/20/2006 Command Recognized for Research, Development
9/19/2006 New Cavalry Unit Hunts for the Enemy
9/18/2006 Soldier Hit by Anti-tank Mine Praises Up-armor
9/7/2006 Walter Reed Army Hospital Offers ‘Breakthrough’ Vaccine for Women
9/6/2006 Future Force Warrior Passes Milestone
9/6/2006 New Lights Reduce Deployment Time
9/28/2006 Air Force will Get Next Generation Bomber
9/28/2006 F-35 Centerpiece for International Partnership
9/28/2006 Air Force to Transform Presentation of Forces
9/28/2006 Commander Testifies on New Personnel System
9/28/2006 Airmen Assume GPS Satellite Responsibilities
9/27/2006 First-of-its-kind Event Shares Threats, Tactics
9/27/2006 Air Force Leaders Reiterate Need for New Tanker
9/27/2006 Reductions Necessary to Recapitalize Air Force
9/26/2006 Delta II Rocket Launches with GPS Satellite
9/26/2006 Leader Speaks of Enhancing Partnerships
9/25/2006 Researchers to Share Middleware Ideas in India
9/25/2006 New Cockpit Simulator Trains C-5 Maintainers
9/25/2006 Mirror-coating Chamber in Place at Range
9/25/2006 New System Streamlines Sustainment Funding
9/25/2006 Director Emphasizes Imagination in Research
9/25/2006 Green Belt Course Leans Out at Logistics Center
9/21/2006 Director Emphasizes Imagination in Research
9/21/2006 Air Force Chief Offers Smart Ops Perspective
9/21/2006 Upgraded KC-135 Fleet Enhances Missions
9/20/2006 Air Force Strategic Communication Tool Online
9/20/2006 Converted C-130s Improve Flight, Maintenance
9/19/2006 Instruments to Enhance Weather Forecasts
9/19/2006 B-52 Successfully Tests Alternative Jet Fuel
9/19/2006 C-17 Crew Drops Vital Cargo in Afghanistan
9/19/2006 Air Force Band Streams Music on Internet
9/18/2006 Maintainers Improve System with Smart Ops
9/18/2006 C-17 Pilot on Standby on Air Force Birthday
9/15/2006 College Students Build FASTRAC Satellite
9/14/2006 First Hunter-Killer UAV Named 'Reaper'
9/13/2006 Officials Award Weapon Integrator Contract
9/13/2006 Scientists Test Unmanned Aerial Systems Refueling
9/12/2006 Leaders Must be Aware of Smart Ops Efforts
9/12/2006 Airmen View B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber
9/12/2006 Air Force to Test Synthetic Fuel on B-52 Aircraft
9/12/2006 Laboratory Awards Contract to Enhance Security
9/11/2006 New Navigation Aid Installed Near Runways
9/8/2006 Charleston C-17 Squadron Completes Deployment
9/8/2006 Researchers Aim to Enhance Air Vehicle Systems
9/8/2006 Agency Performs First Autonomous Refueling Operation
9/7/2006 Research Team Reveals Increased UAV Ability
9/7/2006 Teams Seek Creative Ideas to Resolve Problems
9/7/2006 Propulsion Shops Work Together, Eliminate Waste
9/6/2006 F-35 Lightning Finishes Aerodynamic Testing
9/6/2006 Small Diameter Bomb I Ahead of Schedule
9/1/2006 Bagram C-130s Drop High-tech Cargo Delivery System
9/29/2006 Navy Professional Reading Program Debuts
9/27/2006 Fleet Interactive Display Equipment Dedicated
9/27/2006 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 17 Disestablished
9/26/2006 High-tech Facilities to Improve Seabee Skills
9/26/2006 State-of-the-Art SEAL Training Facility Opens
9/26/2006 Regionalization will Merge Navy Divers
9/26/2006 Navy’s F-14 Tomcat Aircraft Officially Retire
9/25/2006 First Littoral Combat Ship Christened
9/20/2006 Navy Christens Littoral Combat Ship Freedom
9/19/2006 University Program to Strengthen Navy Engineering
9/15/2006 Navy's USS Dolphin Completes Final Cruise
9/5/2006 USS Bonhomme Richard Test Super Hueys, Super Cobras
9/5/2006 Galveston Welcomes Newest Undersea Vessel
9/3/2006 USS John C. Stennis University Encourges Off-Duty Education
9/29/2006 Course Helps Marines with Emerging Technology
9/27/2006 Tablet Laptop Enhances Recruiting Process
9/8/2006 Marines Tests New Distributed Platoon Concept
9/1/2006 Course to Include More Weapons Training
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