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NEWS – OCTOBER 2006     
10/31/2006 Groups Discuss Military's Latest Developments
10/27/2006 Exercise Looks at Ways to Aid Warfighter
10/26/2006 England: Technology Key to Outpacing Terrorists
10/26/2006 Command Works to Meet Joint Warfighter Needs
10/25/2006 New Airdrop System Offers More Precision
10/24/2006 Urban Warfare Experiment Draws Many Players
10/19/2006 Experiment Looks at Gaps in Urban Warfare
10/19/2006 U.S. Joint Forces Command Assists as Navy Transforms Training
10/13/2006 Military Transforming Use of Medical Records
10/11/2006 Readiness Officials Tour Joint Forces Command
10/10/2006 Joint Assessment Focuses on Interoperability
10/5/2006 Reserve Components Vital to Transformation
10/5/2006 Pace Discusses Military Transformation Process
10/5/2006 Catastrophic Plan May Be Model for Future
10/4/2006 Defense Travel System Improves for Customers
10/31/2006 Army Fields Its First Light-weight Howitzer
10/27/2006 Armor Panels Protect Against Indirect Fire
10/27/2006 Warfighters Get Group Dining On The Go
10/26/2006 Future Combat System Opens Test Complex at Missile Range
10/25/2006 New Army Command to Improve Soldier Support
10/23/2006 Warfighters Get Group Dining Anytime, Anywhere
10/19/2006 Blue Box Wins Innovative Solutions Award
10/19/2006 New Command Ready for Unique Mission
10/19/2006 Military Transition Training Grows at Fort Riley
10/13/2006 Panel Highlights Transformation Successes
10/13/2006 Infantry Training Reinforces Combat Skills
10/12/2006 Unconventional Conflicts to Dominate Future Ops
10/11/2006 Proper use of Intelligence Empowers Soldiers
10/9/2006 Army Unveils New Advertising Campaign
10/6/2006 Scientists Research Altitude Environments
10/2/2006 Army Upgrades Mobility Tactical Truck Fleet
10/28/2006 After 25 Years, First Stealth Fighter Retires
10/25/2006 Industry Days Emphasize Air Force Tanker Need
10/25/2006 Charleston Aerial Port Squadron 'Leans' Forward
10/24/2006 Air Force Gives Australians Peek into Future
10/24/2006 Atlantic Strike Provides Joint Training
10/23/2006 Centralized Repair Facility SavesTime, Money
10/23/2006 Center Reaches Milestone with Paint System
10/20/2006 Airmen Learn to LEAN with Smart Operations
10/20/2006 Unmanned Aircraft Key to Future Operations
10/20/2006 Commanders Sign Joint Vision Statement
10/20/2006 Rocket Scientists Gather at Program Review
10/18/2006 Joint Airdrop System Protects Airmen, Soldiers
10/17/2006 Team Paves Way for New Warhead Technologies
10/17/2006 Upgrade Effort Transforms Warthog Capabilities
10/16/2006 Air Mobility Officials Declare C-130J Operational
10/16/2006 New Programs to Help Shape Enlisted Force
10/16/2006 Air Force Bases Awarded for Saving Resources
10/16/2006 Smart Ops Effort Saves Money with Telephones
10/13/2006 Tanker Tops Charts for Recapitalization Priority
10/12/2006 Air Force Priorities Include Modernization
10/12/2006 Airmen Break Ground on New Training Field
10/11/2006 NATO Reaps Benefits from Joint STARS
10/11/2006 MUTES Helps Identify Aircraft Threats
10/9/2006 Joint Training Enhances Situational Awareness
10/6/2006 C-5 Team Awarded for Process Improvement
10/5/2006 New Radar Flies High as Crucial Tests Begin
10/5/2006 Virtual Technology Enhances Aircrew Training
10/4/2006 Joint Strike Fighter Locations Announced
10/4/2006 Air Force Makes Progress on Alternative Fuels
10/4/2006 Air Warrior Transforms into New Green Flag
10/3/2006 F-22 Raptor Aircraft Ready for Combat Role
10/3/2006 Eagle Vision Experiment Wraps up at Lajes
10/3/2006 Smart Ops Tools Help Air Force Improve Process
10/2/2006 New Unit Spearheads Space Transformation
10/2/2006 New 'Kangaroo Duck' Improves Search, Rescue
10/2/2006 Missile Squadron Poised for Alert Transformation
10/2/2006 Command Seeks to Streamline Tests, Evaluations
10/2/2006 Air Force launches Young Investigators Research Program
10/2/2006 Reserve Personnel Records Go Electronic
10/24/2006 Sailors Improve Combat Readiness at Exercise
10/24/2006 Navy Offers Online Community for Families
10/18/2006 Navy Pilots Test New Flight Simulation Device
10/17/2006 Navy Initiatives Reward Individual Augmentees
10/11/2006 Fleet Readiness Center Stands up at Coronado
10/10/2006 Navy Department Awarded for Energy Leadership
10/10/2006 Navy Career Web Site Improved for Sailors
10/13/2006 Food-service Company Poised for Proficiency
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